11 kinds of decoration rights protection will not

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Once there is a problem dispute in the home decoration project, the owners often think of complaining. But sometimes, plainly complained about XXXX decoration company, but the relevant staff did not accept it. Owners who want to decorate in XXXX should pay attention to the following phenomena, which the relevant departments will not accept

1. Disputes in the decoration process caused by private transactions between consumers and employees in the decoration company

2. Consumers cannot provide the name and address of the decoration company complained of

3. Nor can it produce the engineering contract text of the decoration company, the unified invoice issued by the decoration enterprise, and the evidence of infringement of rights and interests

4. The price of home decoration project has been clearly stipulated in the contract by the parties, and consumers have raised different questions about the contract price to complain

5. Beyond the warranty period agreed by the decoration company for the home decoration project, the defendant will no longer be liable for breach of contract





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