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It's March 15 again, and decoration rights protection is the focus topic of the annual March 15 rights protection. Decoration transparency has become the theme of 3.15 decoration rights protection. When 3.15 is coming, Wuhan home decoration network, together with consumers, major media and rights protection agencies, jointly launched a public welfare activity of 3.15 transparent decoration health rights protection to carry out decoration rights protection to the end

recently, the Andersen toxic floor incident finally came to an end, and Vanke publicly apologized for being compensated, but is it only Andersen floor that is poisoned in home decoration building materials? Recalling the top 10 quality gate events in 2011, consumers are all worried. What should consumers pay attention to when buying building materials? How to see whether the home decoration building materials are qualified? Wuhan home decoration network will report to you later, please pay attention

in addition, the traps of home decoration are also startling step by step. From the purchase of home decoration building materials to decoration, recently, many decoration practitioners have exposed the dark curtain of decoration, from the four secrets of decoration companies to the traps of home decoration, as well as the rebate profits of designers, so that home decoration people are all worried about home decoration. How can decoration avoid these home decoration traps? The editor of Wuhan home decoration network will also give you relevant reports in the follow-up

if you have problems with the decoration quality, you have a headache, and you buy bad things. Do you want to find a place to protect your rights? So many decoration problems, what should we do? From now on, netizens can directly log in to the "complaints and rights protection" section of Wuhan home decoration network forum "Nanhu teahouse" to complain, and relevant personnel will help you answer

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