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Recently, the State Administration of market supervision and Administration reported the results of national supervision and random inspection of lock product quality. The 117c99 series products of Moli intelligent lock that were randomly selected have been professionally tested

all quality requirements meet the relevant national requirements, and the test results show that they are qualified. Consumers can buy and use Moli's related products at ease

door lock is the first line of defense to protect home safety. The importance of its security performance and quality is directly related to the personal and property safety of users. According to relevant news reports, in the third batch of random inspection in 2018, the State Administration of supervision and regulation selected 56 batches of lock products produced by 56 enterprises in Zhejiang, Henan and Guangdong provinces, and 13 batches of products did not meet the specified standards. At present, more than 20% of lock products in the market have quality and safety hazards. Our consumers may choose this kind of unqualified door lock products if they are slightly careless when purchasing door locks

door lock products have strong social responsibility attributes. Paying attention to the security performance and quality of products is the basic requirement of door lock enterprises. Moli intelligent technology, formerly known as Guangzhou Hongli Hardware Products Co., Ltd., has been deeply engaged in the lock industry for 20 years, and has a firm pursuit and systematic planning for product performance assurance and quality control

Moli's consideration of product core performance and quality control runs through the whole production and marketing closed loop from R & D to after-sales return visit from the beginning of project approval. Moli adheres to the stable and practical product design concept, takes strict quality control as the starting point, designs the production process and manufacturing process, and implements quality control in every production link in the form of standard mechanism. At the same time, Moli is also actively preparing to build a large-scale, professional and perfect testing center to ensure that every intelligent lock product that is put into production and leaves the factory has undergone professional and comprehensive testing, so as to ensure the performance and quality of products in the form of technology and science. Finally, Moli establishes and implements an after-sales return visit mechanism to track the mastery of product performance and quality to end users, and applies the feedback to subsequent R & D and production

Moli's attention to quality and performance over the past 20 years has created a good market reputation and has been widely recognized by all walks of life in the industry. Moli has passed the ISO, CE, RoHS and other series system certification, and its products have passed the relevant anti-theft detection of the Ministry of public security, and have been rated as "Guangzhou famous trademark" by the Administration for Industry and Commerce for many consecutive years; And was invited to participate in the national "quality month" activity, won the "national leading brand in the quality of intelligent lock industry", "national leading enterprise in the quality of intelligent lock industry", "national quality benchmark typical enterprise", "national quality integrity demonstration enterprise", "national quality trustworthy products" and other certifications, and accumulated the "sunflower award top ten brands of intelligent lock", "Guangdong high-quality manufacturer" "Chinese famous and excellent products" and a series of honorary medals

in the context of the outbreak of the smart lock market, the smart lock industry is mixed. According to the above-mentioned special spot check, in the field of door locks, there are many products and manufacturers that cut corners and take advantage of opportunism in the market, which is damage to consumers and damage to the market. In this context, Moli is willing to continue to adhere to the principle of attaching importance to product quality, protecting the interests of users and maintaining the order of the industry with relevant national departments and industry organizations





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