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Introduction to a new type of bottle brushing equipment and its technical characteristics

in the non pressure liquid production industry, especially in Baijiu enterprises, old bottle brushing has always been a heavy manual labor process. It is difficult, inefficient, and difficult to meet the clean and sanitary use standards, which often gives producers a headache. In order to solve this problem, many food machinery manufacturers have made great efforts to launch various types of bottle brushing machines to replace manual cleaning. However, no equipment can perfectly meet the use requirements. However, with the bottle brushing machine, after all, the past "crowd tactics" have been omitted, which is much better than when there is no bottle brushing machine. At the same time, many people are required to "serve" to help it become perfect, which is still embarrassing

recently, the above situation has been completely changed. A new type of bottle brushing machine developed by Shandong Qingzhou Xinghe Machinery Co., Ltd. took the lead in realizing the original idea. Previously, the use effect of this new bottle brushing machine known as ws-9a has been verified by dozens of domestic Baijiu production enterprises such as Anhui gujinggong distillery and Anhui kouzi group. According to wangchanghe, chairman of the company, this new bottle brushing machine has been settled in more than 400 Baijiu enterprises nationwide, has been widely welcomed and has obtained national patents

according to wangchanghe, the development of this bottle brushing machine is indeed painstaking. On the premise that there is neither ready-made technology nor ideal equipment in China, we can only rely on years of repeated development and modification to explore experience, and finally make WS series bottle brushing equipment meet the standard requirements. According to the survey of domestic similar products, the bottle brushing machine of Xinghe Company has the strongest adaptability and the smallest investment, and is favored for its exquisite design, excellent production and wide application to various special-shaped bottles. The machine also solves the old and difficult problems, such as the uncleanness of the aluminum matrix composite material used in the rotor outside the bottle, and the uncleanness of the bottle stored for a long time

why are bottle brushing machines being developed in the same industry in China, and only the products of Xinghe Company are better than the collection of terminal big data production data? It is understood that this has a lot to do with the personality of wangchanghe, the chairman of the company. First of all, he has a very strong desire to explore anything new. In fact, wangchanghe has been involved in food machinery for less than ten years, but his interest in this industry has turned him from a layman to a first-class expert in all relevant technologies in this industry. For example, in the transformation of this new type of bottle brushing machine that can confirm the iron content in lubricating oil, it is his exquisite technology that reminds him that the mechanical properties of the original ws-9 bottle brushing machine are much higher than those of ordinary engineering materials; On this basis, four rotary brushes are added, which tends to be perfect; In addition, Wang Changhe's ill fated experience and his indomitable perseverance are also important factors to achieve his career. It is understood that now he has a successful career. He was over half a century old when he started his business, and his development was not smooth. According to him, in the process of enterprise development, the company has experienced seven setbacks. At the beginning, it had its own workshop, but each time it experienced a setback, it had to change a place. Not only did the workshop become smaller and smaller, but it finally fell into the situation of renting someone else's house. Fortunately, the seventh setback made his Jedi rebound and the enterprise move towards glory. However, wangchanghe also admitted that if the seventh setback could not be recovered, he would stop. Now, sitting in his spacious and magnificent office, I can't help but be happy for the company's standardized and tense working state and the equipment ready to go

Shandong Qingzhou Xinghe Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which has made a breakthrough in bottle brushing machine, has started the development of other food machinery. Now, the company's liquid quantitative filling machine, bottle wall water film dryer, automatic capping machine, etc. have also been introduced to the market. Among them, the high-precision automatic liquid quantitative filling machine has also won the national patent, and the enterprise has also won the outstanding achievement

award of the first Chinese Baijiu science and technology conference

source: China Food News

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