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Milk packaging: a new type of 1000ml carton

robert Wiseman dairy company is now using a new type of 1000ml carton as milk packaging. The top of this kind of packaging box is installed with a screw cover produced by TetraPak, which makes opening, dumping and closing more humanized. In addition, the position of the screw cover is not in the center of the top of the packaging box, which provides convenience for pouring milk. In addition, Robert Wiseman also launched a new 250ml small package fresh milk for promotion, aiming to encourage people to take dairy products as a convenient and quick thirst quenching drink at the theme forum of "sustainable development - contribution of the plastic industry". The new package is designed to be easy to grasp, with small capacity, high viscosity and sensitive to temperature. It is suitable for drinking when walking or moving. The new package has the form of single package and 4-Cup. The printing method is 4-color flexographic printing

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