A new type of electroplating waste liquid purifica

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A new type of electroplating waste liquid purification and recovery device made in Russia

a new type of electroplating waste liquid purification and recovery device made in Russia to understand the pull down machine instrument market

July 27, 2004

a large amount of toxic waste liquid containing heavy metal particles will be generated during the working process of the electroplating workshop. The impurities and harmful components in the waste liquid will be removed, and the cost of recycling the waste liquid is large. In order to better solve this problem, Russian experts have developed a simple filtration and electrolysis device

according to Russian media reports, experts from Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology in Russia welded this device with PVC hard plastic, which can "hide" in the electroplating waste liquid tank. A film with special structure in the device can distinguish most ions of harmful and useless substances such as heavy metals from those of reusable substances according to the size of particles contained in the waste liquid. After that, through multiple electrolysis, separation and absorption, the liquid containing the used components will be transferred to the workshop for electroplating or manufacturing printed circuit boards again. 5. reading: according to kruglikov, an expert who participated in the production of the filtration and electrolysis device, the small-scale electroplating workshop must specify the friction coefficient after repeated experiments. Although it is unnecessary to use other traditional waste liquid purification equipment after repeated experiments, large-scale electroplating workshops can significantly reduce the cost of purifying waste liquid and omit the chemical agents used to recycle waste liquid

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