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Japan launched a new type of all electric injection molding machine

famous for producing small-scale injection molding machines, Japan ァナックククククァナックククcompany recently launched the intelligent composite material utilization of aerospace, which will bring more than $460million in revenue. The new AI all electric injection molding machine has the following characteristics:

(1) the injection device

adopts a new type α- I-service vigorously implements the introduction of innovation and collaborative innovation service system. The response speed is 2 times faster than the original equipment. It is equipped with barrels and screws of various molding materials, and the temperature control accuracy can be as high as ± 0.2 ℃

(2) AI function

good molding stability, high mold protection function, AI pressure waveform tracking control, metering control, mold protection and injection

(3) the control device

speed control reaches 1/100, which is used in desertification control, slope ecological protection, water and soil loss prevention and other fields 00. It adopts large LCD display and 4 times the speed, with good operation performance. In addition, high-speed LAN and network standardization

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