A new sealing structure which can prolong the serv

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New sealing structure that can prolong bearing life

if flow bearings are used in harsh environments, bearing sealing rings and sealing covers are essential because they can prevent dirt from invading and prolong bearing life. Rolls in rolling mills are usually supported by four rows of sealed tapered roller bearings. It is required to bear strong impact load and invasion of water and debris during use

super easy sealing and cleaning roller neck bearing developed by NSK company in Japan. Under severe lubrication conditions, the load of this bearing is increased by 34%, and it has high reliability, long service life and easy maintenance. This performance improvement is the result of optimizing mechanical design, adopting new materials and patented sealing technology. Compared with the traditional roller neck bearing, this kind of sealed roller neck bearing not only increases the basic rated dynamic load by 34%, but also prolongs the service life by 2.7 times. The second factor to improve the performance of the super capacity sealed and cleaned roll neck bearing is the use of Super-TF bearing steel developed by NSK company, which does not need to adjust the force measurement system. This material solves the problem of bearing life under the condition of pollution or insufficient lubrication. Experience has shown that under contaminated operating conditions, bearings are susceptible to debris intrusion and contamination. NSK research shows that the bearing life under the condition of pollution or edge lubrication can be improved by improving the microstructure of bearing steel. The new seal structure is the main seal and hole seal. The negative pressure generated in the bearing can cause water to invade from the main seal, and the structure of the hole seal has a great impact on the negative pressure. Therefore, reducing the negative pressure in the bearing is the basic requirement to prevent water from entering. The most effective way is to make the hole seal not in direct contact with water. At the same time, I hope I can help you! Keep the original function of hole seal - prevent water and HR ⑴ 50A bench Rockwell hardness tester and fy310 portable Rockwell hardness tester from visually different dirt invading from the side of roll neck. The sealing method uses surface contact instead of line contact. Whether in the process of operation or static, the surface contact hole seal has the characteristics of good sealing performance, but the volume of the seal is changing. Therefore, the new super capacity sealed clean journal bearing has higher reliability than the traditional sealed journal bearing

in addition, SKF Italy sealing company has recently developed a new generation of oil and grease sealing ring mudblock. The optimized sealing structure can effectively prevent the invasion of soil. The traditional sealing structure is a radial sealing lip, a clamping spring and a fixed sealing ring between the outer diameter and the seat ring. The new structure is that there is a push plate between the bushing and the sealing ring, the outer surface of the sealing ring and the inner diameter of the bushing are rubber, and the inner lip is prelubricated with waterproof grease. Mudblock can be made of various elastic materials according to operating conditions and application requirements. These materials include nitrile, polyacrylate, fluorinated synthetic rubber, etc

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