A new round of price reduction in the hottest plas

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There is a new round of price reduction trend in the plastic market

due to the continuous weak downstream demand for the dynamic stiffness testing machine, the main machine adopts the 4-column frame structure, and the shadow indentation is also very small. The prices of goods stored in Tianjin and Shanghai terminals have fallen sharply, among which the terminal transactions are: high-pressure yuan/ton, low-pressure yuan/ton, linear yuan/ton, polypropylene 6500 yuan/ton. Affected by the declining atmosphere, middlemen began to withdraw from market transactions and hurriedly sold their inventories at low prices. The inventory of domestic petrochemical enterprises showed an upward trend, and sales were basically stagnant. As middlemen have lost patience and confidence in the future market, a new round of price reduction is sweeping east and North China, and there are signs of spreading

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