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Seven principles for improving the printing resistance of PS version are briefly introduced

there are seven steps to improve the printing resistance of PS version, in no order:

Step 1. When the number of prints is large, bake the printing plate appropriately. When baking, the temperature is generally 270 ℃. If the number of prints is relatively small, the baking time is generally controlled at 70 seconds. When there is a large number of prints, the baking time should be controlled at 150 seconds

step 2. On the premise of ensuring the quality, adjust the pressure between the printing plate and the blanket, water roller and ink roller to avoid wearing the plate due to the large force between them

step 3, the pressing of water and ink roll, especially Xiaoping said earlier that the width of the ink bar on the printing plate is generally controlled at 5m1. Generally, there are three hardness test methods of cloth, Rockwell and dimension, M

it can be said that in step 4, the printing plate must be tightened to prevent water from dissolving the paper, which will have an adverse impact on the printing plate

step 5. Use the minimum amount of water under the principle that the printing plate is not dirty

step 6: correctly grasp the pH value of the water bucket solution, which should generally be kept within the range of 5-6, as if it were acidic

step 7. If the machine needs to be suspended during the printing process, the printing plate should be rubbed according to the length of downtime to prevent the oxidation of the plate

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