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A brief description of the one week market of China Plastics spot PVC (November 12 - November 16)

this week, China's plastic price index fluctuated and fell back below 1300 points. Although there were signs of stabilization and recovery in the middle of the week, the range was very small. As of Friday, China's plastic price index was 1291.72 points, down 16.38 points from the same period last week; The China Plastics spot index finished in a narrow range this week, reaching 1258.76 points on Friday, down 0.76 points from the same period last week

I. upstream situation:

the high level of international oil prices this week has been strongly consolidated, and basically all the breaks in prices can be 100% successful, and the more qualified, the more volatile. At the beginning of the week, affected by the strengthening of the US dollar and the expiration of call options, it fell sharply for two consecutive days, returning to around us $91, and then rebounded sharply due to the expected decline in inventory. However, the unexpected increase in inventory made it fall again on Thursday, and it rebounded to above US $95 again at the weekend because the OPEC meeting did not discuss further production increase. By Friday, wti-12 crude oil was at $95.10/barrel, down $1.22 from last week, and Brent January contract was at $91.62/barrel, down $0.46 from last week

the quotation of ethylene market in Asia rose sharply this week. On Friday, the quotation of CFR Northeast Asia was USD/ton, up 100 points

second, market conditions:

following the slight upward movement of prices last week, the domestic PVC market will succumb to the process of attack this week, and the short atmosphere has been relatively deadlocked. Under the background of no significant improvement in demand, poor transportation has led to few deliveries in mainstream markets, which has become the main reason for the maintenance of strong market prices. Uneven delivery has made market participants' reactions inconsistent, and there are situations of waiting and continuing to raise prices. Throughout the markets, the prices of the two major mainstream markets in South China and East China remain strong, and some supply is tight; The market in northern China is highly competitive, and the price has a downward trend due to more sources of goods; Non mainstream markets such as northeast China were flat

as of the weekend, the quotation of ordinary electric stone materials in South China was mostly more than 7300 yuan/ton. Due to the small supply of goods, the market atmosphere was deadlocked, and some traders did not offer for the time being to maintain a wait-and-see attitude, while some traders maintained high prices, but there was still a great resistance to the downstream of high prices; In East China, the mainstream of ordinary electric stone is yuan/ton, with slightly higher and lower prices, and the supply of high models is still in shortage. Recently, the price of ethylene material in the market has not changed much; Due to the poor transportation in East China and South China, some northwest enterprises are sold to North China, and the northern market is under pressure. The performance of Hebei market is particularly obvious. It is reported that the market price is relatively chaotic, and some low prices below 7000 yuan/ton also appear. Due to the small supply of goods outside the province, the price in Shandong has little change compared with the previous period; Due to the cold weather in Northeast China, the downstream demand is gradually decreasing, especially in Heilongjiang, Jilin and other places. It is reported that the current market price is mostly around 7100 yuan/ton, and the price of individual small orders is slightly higher. The local factory has already delivered goods to the south, and the local demand will be further reduced by the end of this month, when the southern delivery volume will further increase

III. next week's trend:

the current market is still positive, because in the "1035" development guidance for the chemical fiber industry jointly issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the national development and Reform Commission at the end of 2016, it is stated that the price of calcium carbide remains high, some chlor alkali enterprises maintain centralized maintenance and low start-up load, resulting in a small supply of goods, as well as the increase in freight caused by the rise in oil prices, which makes automobile transportation a little nervous, However, the arrival of winter is, after all, an off-season for demand. Coupled with the southward supply of goods from the north, it has put more pressure on the already depressed market. The transportation problem is a double-edged sword. Although the market will maintain a firm quotation due to the small arrival of goods. 3. The addition of accessories to the machine can also be used for steel pipe twists and turns experiment, the upstream factory will also form inventory pressure due to the difficulty of goods delivery. Coupled with the settlement at the end of the year, the price reduction cannot be ruled out. On the whole, it is expected that the short-term market will be stable, but considering the pressure of late supply, the market trend is still inevitably bearish

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