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In just three years, 113 enterprises in the home decoration industry have closed down! (list attached)

113 enterprises in the home decoration industry have closed down in just three years! (list attached)

April 13, 2018

[China paint information] recently, the author combed the list of a number of closed enterprises in the home decoration industry, and the number of enterprises in the list reached 113. In the face of the residual situation in the past three years, we need to learn some market lessons, and then start again

the o2o war in 2014 still affected the home decoration industry. The so-called "industry dividends and opportunities" made a group of entrepreneurs flock to it, but the outcome was not satisfactory. From the upsurge of capital to the cold winter of capital, in just two or three years, it has stunned a number of enterprises, but finally ruined generation after generation of entrepreneurial dreams. On the road of starting a business in the home decoration industry, we see fewer and fewer colleagues, more and more dog blood stories, and few enterprises have really rushed out

as the last industry changed by Internet, the home decoration industry is also undergoing subtle changes in 2018. On the surface, after the continuous trough of capital in 2016 and 2017, due to the emergence of several financing, the market once again released the signal of financing fever. At this critical point in time, it is inevitably easy to be impetuous. After sorting out the list of a number of closed enterprises in the home decoration industry, I will pour cold water on you as a reminder, because in the face of the residue of the past three years, we can't ignore it. Even if we start a business again, we should learn some market lessons before we start

attention should always be paid to external leakage, pollutants, component damage and abnormal noise from pumps, couplings, etc.

113 enterprises in the home decoration industry have closed down! (list attached)

it is not difficult to find from the above table that there are many rounds of investment in which enterprises have obtained capital, which should arouse our reflection. A large number of enterprises have been ruthlessly dismissed and left the site, and even many enterprise leaders have been burdened with heavy debts. They fill in or select the corresponding parameters as required. For the bankrupt enterprises, we generally summarized that when we bought the wood-based panel universal experimental machine, we went to Jinan experimental machine factory to reflect on several points:

1) it is impossible for the home decoration industry to rely on story telling, concept fighting, capital burning and public relations war. In the end, we must return to the origin of creating value for users, and only quality delivery is the way out

2) the home decoration industry is a slow enough industry. Don't expect capital to enter and ripen quickly, and then harvest crazily. There is only one crop of leeks in this track, and the amount of leeks is very small

3) only enterprises without core competitiveness will fall into the quagmire of "having to fight a price war", ignoring cost, efficiency and experience, and will be brushed down in the next knockout competition

4) entrepreneurs are not in awe and lack respect for traditional industries. They talk about subversion and national layout, are greedy for perfection, and rarely talk about deep cultivation, improvement, upgrading and innovation. Many new players in the home decoration industry are bad enough at this point

in 2018, the home furnishing and home decoration industry is obviously blowing a hot wind of capital, which will inevitably make everyone regain confidence

in just three years, 113 enterprises in the home decoration industry have closed down! (attached list)

a good capital environment is certainly a good thing, but we should recognize the reality that 2018 is a new era. Under the background of an increasingly rational capital environment, what are the key capital weathervanes that we should pay attention to? Capital is becoming more and more rational, and we should take advantage of the trend. In the new era, there are many new variables worth paying attention to and learning, from consumer groups, business innovation Three points about the general trend of the industry:

1) about consumer groups. There is no doubt that the new middle class will become the next consumer group to be concerned. In the face of more than 200 million new middle class people, this is a proposition of the times. New values and new lifestyles have formed unique labels. There is a great opportunity to truly understand and serve this group of people, and we must really solve a very specific problem

2) about business innovation. If entrepreneurs continue to use the story version of Internet home decoration to enter the home decoration market today, there is little room for imagination. That track has been ignored. While new technologies and new ideas continue to be deeply integrated with the home decoration industry, business innovation that should be paid attention to includes new retail mode, transparent supply chain innovation, S2B mode and smart home. In our view, these will be the future, even if we want to start a new business, We must have a relationship with these

3) about the general trend of the industry. It is obvious that the general trend of the home furnishing industry will focus on the innovation and upgrading of the whole house customization, the new technology represented by artificial intelligence empowering various traditional industries, and so on. Business is becoming closer to enabling business. We must have a deep understanding of these industry trends in order to go well in the future

today, we check out these more than 100 bankrupt enterprises, not to expose who they are, nor to become the material of mutual contempt between enterprises. At the beginning of the second 30, we evenly add sand, because we know that in such a decentralized industry, there will be more and more bankrupt enterprises, and the list will be longer and longer. In the environment of higher and higher threshold for entrepreneurship, we should learn from the experience of previous enterprises and keep warm at any time. Only in this way can the industry make real progress. Maybe one day, if many people want to start a business again, they must be rational, better understand the general trend of industrial innovation, upgrade more at the cognitive level, and really take advantage of the situation before they can get ashore

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