A brief introduction to the one week market of HDP

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A brief description of the one week market of China Plastics spot HDPE (January 7 - January 11)

the price of China Plastics City continued to fluctuate slightly this week, the market atmosphere was acceptable, and the trading volume was general, among which the plastic price index fell moderately. As of Friday, China's plastic price index was 1266.57 points, down 6.97 points year-on-year from the same period last week; The China Plastics spot index fell slightly this week, reaching 1248.73 points on Friday, down 0.04 points year-on-year from the same period last week

the better the wear resistance. First, upstream information review:

the international oil price fell moderately this week. As of the close of this Friday, WTI crude oil was at $92.69/barrel, down $5.22 from last Friday; Brent crude oil was $91.07/barrel, down $5.72 from last Friday.. Monomer: the quotation of Asian ethylene monomer CFR Northeast Asia is in USD/ton, with an increase of 102.5 USD/ton; the quotation of CFR Southeast Asia is in USD/ton, with an increase of 27.5 USD/ton. The quotation of Far East ethylene showed a stable trend this week, with FOB South Korea being $1310/ton and FOB Japan being $1310/ton, both rising by $25/ton

II. Market Review:

HDPE quotation in North China market this week is relatively stable. Yanshan local wire drawing 5000S price is 13300-13350 yuan/year, 9455f price is 13550-13600 yuan/ton, and low-pressure injection molding supply is less. In terms of HDPE in East China market, the performance of plastic injection is better, the transaction is stronger, the supply of goods is also somewhat tight, and the price is stable and rising. Low melt injection molding stabilized at around 13700 yuan/ton, while high melt injection molding increased from around 13100 yuan/ton to around 13300 yuan/ton. Wire drawing grade and film and transaction weakened, and the price also fell to a certain extent, with the mainstream at yuan/ton. In the South China HDPE market, as Maoming high-density devices have just been put into operation, there is only the United States in the world, so the market supply is limited. Tr144/5502 products are few and the price is high. Downstream factories do not accept high prices, and mostly import licensing instead of production

the PE market in China plastic city has declined steadily, with a limited range. At present, most businesses are still cautious in operation, mainly out, and some are still worried about the future market. At present, the mainstream price in the market: HDPE: wire drawing material yuan/ton, plastic injection material yuan/ton, film material yuan/ton, hollow material yuan/ton

III. trend forecast for next week:

overall, the 243 laminated glass HDPE market remained stable and volatile this week, while the supply of plastic injection market was relatively small, and some markets rose slightly. Towards the end of the year, traders and downstream manufacturers are not aware of inventory, and it is difficult to improve transactions. The future market is expected to remain stable and volatile

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