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Hardware door and window hinge installation "common sense" inventory

door and window hinges in door and window accessories are also called door and window hinges, which are of great significance for the normal use and load-bearing of doors and windows! In the process of installing door and window hinges, relevant standards should be strictly followed in order to maximize the effect of the installed door and window hinges

1. Minimum clearance

minimum clearance refers to the minimum distance on the side of the door required to open the door. The minimum clearance is determined by C distance, door thickness and hinge type. When the door edge is rounded, the minimum gap is correspondingly reduced as a fixed asset. The required minimum clearance can be found in the corresponding table of each different hinge

2. Minimum clearance of half cover door

when two doors share a side plate, the total clearance required should be twice the minimum clearance, so that the two doors can be opened at the same time

3. C distance

c distance refers to the distance between the door edge and the edge of the hinged cup hole. The maximum C size available for each hinge varies with the hinge model. C the greater the distance, the smaller the minimum clearance

4. Door coverage distance

door coverage distance refers to the distance that the door covers the side plate

5. Gap

gap refers to the distance from the outside of the door to the outside of the cabinet under the condition of full cover; In the case of half cover, the distance between the two doors; In the case of the inner door, the gap refers to the distance between the outer side of the door 14 and the two pillars of the stretching space: 450mm to the inner side of the cabinet side plate

6. The number of hinges required for each door

the width, height and material quality of doors and windows are the decisions of the number of hinges required for each door, and the development space can not be underestimated. In actual operation, various factors appear due to different situations. Therefore, the number of hinges listed can only be used as a reference. For the sake of stability, the distance between the hinges should be as large as possible to easily complete the control of the experimental process

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