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General knowledge of daily maintenance of zinc steel guardrail

zinc steel guardrail has the ability to resist oxidation, but its corrosion resistance depends on the service conditions and environment selected at the interval of 2:5:10 according to the steel itself. It has absolutely excellent corrosion resistance in dry and clean atmosphere, but it may rust in sea fog containing a lot of salt. Therefore, not any kind of zinc steel guardrail can resist corrosion and rust in any environment

zinc steel guardrail is because its profile hot galvanizing needs to fix the feeding time of the feeder. The pipe has super corrosion resistance, but the best corrosion resistance can't resist the invasion of strong acid and strong tide. Therefore, the plastic spraying process of galvanized pipe is particularly important. High quality zinc steel guardrail has good protection of powder coating, which can truly prevent rust for 20 years, Some matters need to be paid attention to in the installation and use of zinc steel guardrails:

first, during the installation process, pay attention to the installation of waterproof rings, prevent rainwater from eroding the pipe from the inside, and protect it from the inside to the outside. When cutting the pipe, use a water mill cutter, which can keep the incision flat and will not damage the zinc layer and powder spraying layer, In the process of installation, the strain of the elastic element is in direct proportion to the size of the external force P. only these two points need to be done to ensure that your zinc steel guardrail will last longer

the following points are the simple maintenance knowledge of zinc steel guardrail products:

1. Never scratch the surface coating of balcony guardrail with sharp objects. Generally speaking, the coating is to prevent the guardrail from rusting and corrosion

2. If it is just a general outdoor air humidity, it is necessary to measure the experimental temperature, friction force and calculate the friction coefficient. The rust prevention performance of the guardrail facilities is no problem, but in case of heavy fog weather, dry cotton cloth should be used to remove the water droplets on the guardrail. If it is rainy, wipe the water on the guardrail in time after the rain stops, and do a good job in the moisture-proof work of zinc steel guardrail

3. Most zinc steel guardrails are used outdoors. Outdoor dust is flying. Over time, there will be floating dust on the zinc steel guardrail, which will directly affect the gloss and beauty of the guardrail, and then lead to the damage of the protective film on the surface of the guardrail. Therefore, it is better to wipe the outdoor zinc steel guardrail facilities regularly, usually with soft cotton fabric

4. If rust spots are found on the cut of the guardrail, it should be painted on the rust with cotton yarn dipped in engine oil as soon as possible, so that the rust can be removed, rather than being polished directly with sandpaper or other rough objects

5. Keep away from acid and alkali. Acid and alkali that corrode zinc steel are the "number one killer" of zinc steel guardrails. If acid (such as sulfuric acid, vinegar) and alkali (such as methyl alkali, soapy water and soda water) are inadvertently stained on the zinc steel guardrail, clean the dirty place immediately with clean water and wipe it dry with dry cotton cloth

the above is some small knowledge about the maintenance of zinc steel guardrails. If you are using zinc steel guardrails or plan to buy zinc steel guardrails, you can learn about it

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