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Common sense of drying equipment: common types of dryers

at present, the common types of dryers in China include spray dryer, air flow dryer, fluidized bed dryer, fluidized bed spray granulation dryer, etc

spray dryer spray drying is one of the fastest growing drying equipment. There are three conventional atomization methods: rotary atomization, pressure atomization and air flow atomization

the characteristics of rotary atomization spray drying are that the production capacity of a single machine is large (the spray amount can reach 200t/h), the feeding amount is easy to control, the operation flexibility is large, and it is widely used

the characteristic of pressure atomizer spray drying is that it can produce coarse particles and is convenient for maintenance. Because the nozzle hole is small and easy to be blocked, the feed liquid must be strictly filtered. Nozzle holes are easily worn and must be made of wear-resistant materials. There is also a new structure of pressure nozzle, which is called pressure air flow nozzle. It is characterized by a pressure nozzle in the center and an air flow nozzle in the surrounding environment. Atomization is divided into two stages: the pressure nozzle first forms a liquid film, which is atomized by the air flow for the second time to make the droplets finer. The advantages of this type of nozzle are: (1) adjusting the pressure of compressed air can adjust the droplet diameter, and the operation is simple; (2) Large output and high viscosity liquid can also be atomized into fine droplets; 3 if the compressed air is stopped, the original pressure nozzle can also be used

the air flow atomizer is mainly used in laboratories and intermediate factories, and its power consumption is large. The feed liquid that cannot be atomized by the first two kinds of atomizers may be atomized by the air flow atomizer. High viscosity paste, paste and filter cake materials can be atomized by three fluid nozzle

the airflow dryer has mature airflow drying technology. If there are operands to carry out the pilot of insurance compensation for the first batch of key new materials, it can be designed directly. At present, there are few drying equipment manufacturers that can provide this type of equipment without the joint action of the special morphology and structure of its macro materials and the special electronic structure of graphene itself

fluidized bed dryer fluidized bed dryer is second only to spray dryer. It is divided into the fluidized bed dryer with agitator at the feeding position and the fluidized bed dryer with internal heat exchange. When the fluidized bed is used to dry the powder and particle materials that are easy to unite or agglomerate, the fluidization difficulty will occur in the feeding section with large water content. At this time, the agitator is set in the feeding section to eliminate the agglomeration problem and achieve normal fluidization. The latter is a combination of conduction heat transfer and convection heat transfer. When the amount of hot air used in the normal fluidization state is far from meeting the heat required for drying, setting an internal heat exchanger to supply some or most of the heat can significantly save energy. There are many forms of internal heat exchangers that express strong dissatisfaction with the tariff measures of the trump administration. Fluidized bed is also often used in the second and third stage of combined drying. 2. High and low temperature experimental machine has good ventilation performance

vibrating fluidized bed is called vibrating fluidized bed. Vibration fluidization can be divided into two categories from the source of vibration: one is driven by vibration motor; The other is the ordinary motor, which makes the spring vibrate through the excitation box. When the size of vibrated fluidized bed is large, the effect of the latter is better

fluidized bed spray granulation dryer this process is an organic combination of fluidization technology, atomization technology and drying technology. It is to spray the atomized material liquid onto the fluidized seed bed to make the seed grow and dry continuously, and then discharge it out of the device when it grows to the specified size. The equipment has small volume and large production capacity, and can produce large particles. The industrial application of this equipment has been increasing

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