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Discuss the common sense of ink cartridge use

store the ink cartridge at room temperature, away from sunlight, strong light and heat source. Before the ink cartridge is installed and used on the machine, do not tear off the outer package and pore seal of the ink cartridge. After the ink cartridge is unpacked, please install it on the printer as soon as possible. Otherwise, it may cause ink leakage or color failure of the ink cartridge. For the best printing effect, please use it within six months after installing the ink cartridge

installation and replacement of ink cartridge

when the ink out display light starts flashing during printing, it means that the ink is about to be used up. At this time, several sheets can be printed continuously until the display light stops flashing and the printer stops printing. At this time, the ink cartridge should be replaced immediately. When installing the ink cartridge, it is necessary to remove the air hole seal according to the instructions on the printer manual, but do not remove other seals at will, Otherwise, ink will leak. Each time you install a new cartridge, you generally need to clean the print head times (please clean the print head at least once). When any cartridge has no ink or is not installed, even if there is ink in other cartridges, the printer will not work. The new cartridge is involved in the research and development of the product throughout the whole process. It must not be removed before replacing the cartridge. Unless you want to replace the cartridge, do not open the cartridge protection clip, Power on and start the machine regularly, otherwise the ink cartridge may no longer be used. Don't reach into the printer or touch the ink cartridge when the printer is working. When you have doubts about the quality of the ink cartridge, the material testing machine can be equipped with different fixtures, accessories, two-point extenders, and load elements to carry out various tests. When removing the unused ink cartridge from the printer, please seal the bottom inkjet port with transparent tape, seal it with plastic bags, and give it to the dealer where you buy it, For the manufacturer to detect and judge the quality of ink cartridges. Do not use cartridges that have expired

factors affecting the effect of printing pictures

the quality of ink cartridges and the choice of media: different brands and different textures of paper have different printing effects (for example, the pictures printed on whiter paper have bright colors). The sharpness of the original pictures. When printing, the resolution selected is different. Pictures printed with different software have different color saturation

ink cartridge sometimes leaks ink from the nozzle. How to deal with it

there is an air hole on the outer box of the ink cartridge, which is used to keep the internal air pressure the same as the atmospheric pressure. When the temperature changes sharply, it will be abnormal. Because the thermal expansion and contraction effect of air is more obvious than that of liquid. When some ink is consumed in the ink cartridge, there is some air in the ink cartridge. Under normal circumstances, due to the existence of air holes, the air pressure remains normal. If the temperature suddenly rises, If the air in the ink cartridge suddenly expands and the air hole is too late to adjust, the ink may be discharged from the print head, resulting in ink leakage; In this case, just wipe the leaked ink carefully, but do not touch the nozzle

causes and treatment of color deviation

1 Because the ink chamber of the ink cartridge is excellent or the ink cartridge nozzle enters the air, the ink of a certain color cannot be printed temporarily, resulting in color deviation

2. The aging of the print head and the slightest damage will also cause uneven ink from the nozzle and color deviation

3. The wrong setting of the computer will also cause color deviation

to sum up, it is the main cause of color deviation, and the main treatment methods are as follows:

a. clean the nozzle several times continuously, so as to eliminate the air in the ink cartridge. If it doesn't work, you can place the nozzle for about 2 hours before reuse, which is generally no problem

b, change the nozzle

c, set the media type and color of the computer

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