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Linzi launched special treatment of production safety, 502 chemical enterprises stopped production for rectification

Linzi launched special treatment of production safety, 502 chemical enterprises stopped production for rectification

September 14, 2015

[China paint information] in order to fully implement the important instructions of the central and provincial governments on doing a good job in production safety, Linzi District has launched a comprehensive battle for special treatment of production safety. Up to now, Linzi District has supervised 1562 enterprises of all kinds, found 10518 hidden dangers, changed 8237 hidden dangers with a total national planned subsidy of 70million yuan, and 502 chemical enterprises stopped production for rectification

Linzi District has held two special meetings on work safety to study and analyze the situation of work safety in the whole region, formulate strong safety supervision measures, and specify that 12 leaders of the leading group each build a town street to guide and inspect work safety; Many meetings were held with the participation of the main heads of the town, sub district and district departments, to organize and study the spirit of a series of instructions of the central, provincial and municipal leaders on safety production, arrange and deploy work tasks, and quickly unify their thinking and understanding to the requirements of the higher authorities

all town Party committees and governments (neighborhood party working committees), governments (neighborhood offices) and district governments are required to sign work safety certificates with the district Party committee and district government, and all enterprise units are required to sign work safety certificates with the town government (neighborhood offices) and industry supervision departments. At the same time, organize the main principals of 304 hazardous chemical enterprises in the region to carry out collective conversation and heart to heart activities, sign safety production documents with the district Party committee and the district government, supervise and urge enterprises to implement the main body of safety production, and form a work pattern of full attention to safety, full attention to safety, and comprehensive attention to safety

in order to strengthen the supervision and inspection work, Linzi District has formed 12 safety production supervision groups to supervise and inspect the special management of safety production in 12 towns and streets of the whole district. The steering group of the municipal Party committee has also set up four supervision groups to supervise, inspect and guide the experimental ability of safety production in the town streets, departments and enterprises every day: 20 ⑵ the special treatment of 000n production. The office of the safety committee of the district government transferred 70 experts from Qilu Petrochemical Company, large enterprises and high-temperature characteristic parameters that failed to meet the index requirements to the intermediary service organization, and the staff led the team into 20 inspection teams to go deep into the enterprise to conduct "one-to-one, diagnostic" safety production hidden danger troubleshooting and treatment. The safety supervision and law enforcement personnel shall give top punishment to the violations of work safety found

in order to improve the emergency rescue ability of accidents, Linzi District requires all enterprises to formulate simple emergency rescue plans in combination with their actual situations, and requires all enterprises to carry out an emergency drill for fire and explosion accidents, improve the ability of emergency rescue personnel to properly handle accidents in an emergency, improve the coordination and cooperation ability of relevant departments and personnel of emergency rescue, improve emergency disposal technology, and supplement emergency equipment and materials

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