51 street lights are on in Taoyuan community, Ment

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51 street lights in Taoyuan community, Mentougou District are on.

on July 16, this newspaper focused on the urgency of residents who do not light 51 street lights after a month, reflecting that after the exit of Taoyuan community property company in Dayu street, Mentougou District on May 31, 2018, the electric switch of public lighting facilities in the community was closed, resulting in the street lights in the whole community not being on, and residents had to walk at night in the dark, which was very inconvenient and had potential safety hazards. As soon as the article was published, it immediately attracted the attention of Mentougou District government and instructed Dayu sub district office to make rapid rectification

on July 17, professional circuit workers came to Taoyuan community 9. Column spacing: 460mm; During the on-site operation in the District, the power supply line of street lamps was restored and overhauled. It was normally turned on that night, and all 51 street lamps were restored to lighting

A few days ago, Dayu sub district office replied to this newspaper that Taoyuan community has a total of 13 residential buildings and 852 residents, which were originally provided with property related services by Beijing Taoyuan property management service center, a subordinate enterprise of urban construction company. Due to the poor management of Taoyuan property company, it withdrew unilaterally on May 31 this year and stopped all property services. The raw water and power facilities were not handed over, resulting in the street lights in the community not being on all the time. In the early stage, Dayu sub district office repeatedly contacted the community office of the housing and Construction Commission of Mentougou District and the electronic omnipotence in the eyes of urban construction citizens, so the reform in the fields of two children alone, abolition of reeducation through labor, new urbanization, registered residence, discipline inspection, simplification of administration and decentralization has been implemented or unveiled; The reform plans in the fields of justice, finance and taxation, culture and so on are being reviewed or approved by the deep restructuring; The military reform, which seems mysterious to the outside world, is also quietly carried out; The "modernization of national governance system and governance capacity", which is called "the fifth modernization" by multidimensional news, has a high barrier rate. The company, Taoyuan property company, Taoyuan neighborhood committee and other relevant departments coordinated to request the restoration of street lighting. The original property company refused on the grounds that they had no funds to pay electricity bills and had withdrawn

on July 16, Dayu sub district office held an emergency coordination meeting and checked the circuit facilities on site. After investigation, the street lamp circuit is connected to the power supply facilities of the property management company, and there is no street lamp distributor. In order to restore the lighting, it is necessary to report to the power supply company that is better in performance and speed than before to install a separate line meter. In order to ensure the safety of residents and restore the street lighting as soon as possible, it was decided through consultation that during the transition period before the establishment of the owners' committee, Dayu sub district office should restore the line first, set up temporary electricity meters, and pay the electricity cost of community street lights in advance until a new property management company took over the property services in the community

on July 17, all street light lines in Taoyuan community were connected, turned on normally, and the lighting was restored. The head of Dayu sub district office also told that they would guide the community to establish an owners' committee, and the election was scheduled for July 25 after preparation. After the establishment of the new owners' committee, new property companies will be recruited to enter the community to provide services

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