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The leader of UAV Dajiang phantom Genie 4 has a promotion of 8990 yuan

[] Dajiang phantom 4 is a precision mid-range UAV. On the basis of phantom 3, the configuration has been comprehensively improved. In addition, the three innovative functions of obstacle perception, intelligent follow-up and pointing flight added for the first time have become the biggest highlights, making the UAV truly integrated with artificial intelligence. Now, merchants can offer 8990 yuan for smart technology creation and exhibition. Interested friends may wish to contact Merchants:/,:/

Dajiang spirit 4 product overview table quotation information reference price (yuan): ¥ 2999 current price (yuan) ¥ 8990 previous quotation (yuan): ¥ 2999 rise and fall (yuan): ¥ -5991

parameter information

brand UAV type: quasi professional UAV flight time: 28 minutes satellite positioning module: GPS/GLONASS dual-mode built-in camera: Yes video capture: support pixel: 1/2.3 inch CMOS; Effective pixels 12.4 million friends score

4 points 77 comments: Dajiang phantom 4 adopts 12million pixels and 4K parameters, but at the end of the ph15 and wire change experimental machine experiment, the camera of Anton 4 has been optimized to reduce edge distortion, provide a higher ratio of edge intensity to weight, have a clearer image, and can effectively combat color difference. Users can use phantom 4 to shoot 4K/30fps and 1080p/120fps videos. In 1080p HD video recording mode, phantom 4 can support higher 120fps bitstream resolution. The battery module has been increased by 97G, and the rated capacity of the battery has been increased from the third generation of more than 1600 enterprises across the country to help you further understand that the equipment institutions engaged in the research, development and production of sensors and tension machine components have increased from 4480mah to 5350mah today, and the endurance capacity has also increased from the limit range of 25 minutes in the past to 28 minutes. Although 3 minutes seems very short, in terms of the endurance range of the current aerial camera, Every minute is precious

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