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The drone caused the British airport to "shut down for an hour". Police: the perpetrator was convicted or faced with life imprisonment

[Global Times' special appointment to Sun Wei in the UK, Global Times' special appointment to Hao Chao] a small toy did great harm. On the evening of the 8th local time, Heathrow airport, the busiest airport in Britain, fell into chaos due to the interference of drones. The departure flights were once fully stopped, and the British military and police launched an emergency investigation. Just before Christmas last year, Gatwick, Britain's second largest airport, was also seriously paralyzed by the invasion of unidentified aircraft. Successive airport safety accidents have disgraced the British government. Experts once again stressed that drones can cause unimaginable serious consequences for flight safety, and the perpetrators may face severe punishment of life imprisonment

BBC 9 said that the UAV accident at Heathrow Airport occurred around 5 p.m. on the 8th. Due to the high visibility that night, many witnesses, including the BBC, witnessed the flight signs of the UAV. The higher the price of the impact experimental machine offered by BBC photographer Robert, he said that he saw the aircraft flashing traffic lights circling near the airport, with an altitude of about 100 meters. For safety reasons, Heathrow Airport immediately launched emergency measures to comprehensively restrict the departure of aircraft, resulting in a large number of passengers stranded in the waiting hall, and many boarders were trapped in the airport runway

according to the British Daily Telegraph, the shutdown of the airport lasted about an hour, and the related losses were kept to a minimum. A person in charge said that at present, the airport could not confirm how many flight delays were caused by the drone incident, because at the time of the incident, many planes could not take off normally due to other reasons. British Airways, the largest operator of Heathrow airport, said that at least 40 flights were delayed for at least 30 minutes, but no flights were canceled that night. Emirates, Cathay Pacific, virgin airlines and other companies also said that their operations were only disturbed to a low degree

the incident at Heathrow airport is the second security accident caused by drones in the UK recently. The British government's ineffective response has been strongly condemned by opposition parties and critics. On the 19th of last month, London Gatwick airport was fouled by drones, and fell into a 36 hour shutdown. It was not until the 21st that it resumed operation. During this period, as many as 1000 flights were directly affected, and the holiday plans of 140000 passengers were disrupted. British "Guardian" 9 said that until two weeks after the accident, the British police still had no clue. During the investigation, they also arrested the wrong person, leading to the innocent injustice of a local couple. MacDonald, the shadow transport minister of the labor party, later criticized that the British government simply did not understand the serious threat posed by drones to the country's important infrastructure, and had never conducted a comprehensive assessment, let alone the formulation of an effective response plan

in fact, as early as before the accident at Heathrow airport, British media warned that the threat of drones still existed. Unexpectedly, this warning was fulfilled in just a few days. Some public opinions even worry that the enthusiasm of the two major aircraft schools is not high, and the field has been disturbed one after another. It cannot be ruled out that there is a premeditated public security incident behind it. Warnick, CEO of the unmanned aerial vehicle defense shield, an Australian technology company, said that the recent experience of British airports would release extremely adverse signals. The perpetrators could not only easily get an international airport into trouble, but also were likely to retreat. Such a low crime cost was bound to cause more pranksters to follow suit

according to the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States, drones pose a far greater threat to aircraft than birds. Such aircraft may be involved in aircraft turbines, causing mechanical failure and even fire; UAVs with a weight of more than 2 kg are more likely to crash windshields and injure pilots when flying at high speed. The BBC said that the current UK law has limited binding force on the improper use of drones. According to the regulations, the recreational UAV must be within the visual range of the operator throughout the whole process; Keep a distance of more than 50 meters from people, buildings and means of transportation, and the flight height shall not exceed 120 meters, and shall not enter the airport within one kilometer. However, some experts pointed out that the altitude of 120 meters can completely affect the aircraft about to land. In contrast, Canada has a height limit of 90 meters for unmanned aerial vehicles and a distance limit of 5.5 kilometers from the airport. Moreover, Canadian law also clearly stipulates that the perpetrators of the illegal use of drones face a fine of 25000 Canadian dollars (about 130000 yuan) and the corresponding sentence. Public opinion believes that the weak infrastructure of British airports and the lagging legislative process are urgent problems for the government to solve

according to the guardian, the drone incident at Heathrow airport has attracted much attention, and the London police department has launched a comprehensive criminal investigation with the cooperation of the military. According to Kandi, a senior police official, the police department has invested huge resources in the investigation, both in police force and equipment. He warned that the consequences of this illegal act endangering flight safety are serious, and the perpetrators may be convicted or face death Background parameters of friction and wear testing machine: the background parameters of the manufacturer are set when leaving the factory. The guardian believes that the London police should be serious this time. What are the advantages of the national electronic experimental machine over the hydraulic experimental machine in the scope of use? The Ministry of defense directly provides a dome UAV defense system that may be made by Israel, which can detect and interfere with the signal between the UAV and the console. Previously, the British government has announced that it will give the police and airport authorities more security authority, such as interfering with or even shooting down the incoming unidentified aircraft directly. The British Ministry of the interior has also begun to test anti UAV technology in airports, prisons and other places. Gatwick and Heathrow airports respectively said they would spend millions of pounds on military grade defense equipment

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