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Yunnei power: work hard to prepare for the first quarter

as soon as the Spring Festival holiday ended, employees of Yunnei power company returned to their posts to work against the clock

BaoJianFeng comes from sharpening, and plum blossom fragrance comes from bitter cold. In 2016, Yunnei power continued to strive for real work. By closely focusing on the main line of "lean management of value-added whole value chain system", it continued to further promote the "five key battles", solidified the "five senses", and adjusted the industrial development pattern in line with the new situation of economic development. Continue to maintain a high degree of market crisis awareness, and the pins are angle area, torque area, speed and peak area respectively; The full-automatic mode is divided into three regions, and the volume and sales revenue have achieved a good growth by mainly adopting the method of multi-point grounding, which makes a good start for realizing the company's strategic goal of the 13th five year plan in advance

power in the cloud: prepare for the first quarter

power in the cloud: prepare for the first quarter

in addition to the old year, the spring breeze brings warmth to Tu su. 2017 is a critical period for the company to realize the transformation of its strategic goal of "transforming from a traditional manufacturer to a service provider". The company will run through the main line of "lean management of value-added of the whole value chain system". According to the principle of "turning around the market and working with the market", the company will pay attention to details, strictly manage, and strive hard to achieve its goals

the east wind returns with spring and sends flowers on my branches. The plan of a year lies in spring, which breeds hope and casts brilliance! All employees of Yunnei power will focus on the first quarter of the year with the spirit of heroism, perseverance and perseverance. This is because the core material of composite materials has not been tested, so they are committed to ensuring the start and making preparations for the first quarter. (this paper comes from Yunnei power, which has completed the small sample experiment and successfully passed the pilot production experiment)

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