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Drones out! Dongcheng police took off a fake laundry detergent manufacturing and selling dens

▲ UAV took off and began investigation. Photographed by correspondent liuhuining

there is a drone team in Dongcheng public security branch, which is not small in power. Recently, Dongcheng police dispatched the existing huge UAV of fire-fighting clothing to detect a case of producing and selling fake laundry detergent, and arrested five suspect involved

On June 20, Dongcheng Public Security Branch received a report from the masses that there was a production metallographic test method somewhere in Dongcheng: cut open the sample you want to test, then embed it, grind the embedded sample with a metallographic grinder, corrode and dry it, and then look at it under the microscope. There is a 100 with scale in the microscope Χ A gang that swipes mirrors and stores fake laundry detergent of a well-known brand

however, the police found through early clues that the dens suspected of making and selling fake goods were located in a closed and remote location. On the back of the dens is a tributary of Dongjiang River, and on the left and right sides are factories next to each other, which can only be accessed from the main gate. However, the suspect is very vigilant. If he rashly enters from the front door, it is easy to scare the snake, which is likely to cause the suspect to transfer or destroy the stolen goods in advance, making it difficult to arrest. How can we not disturb the suspects and catch them? The police of the task force decided to dispatch drones for investigation

"buzzing..." the drone carrying the video camera slowly lifted off, flew over the processing plant from the opposite side of the current Dongjiang River for all-round shooting and patrolling around. By observing the on-site picture information transmitted by the UAV, the police found that there was a path behind the factory near the Dongjiang tributary, and there were windows behind the factory, which could surprise the other party by breaking the windows

On June 27, the police of the task force found that several trucks had driven into the factory, and the suspects were ready to ship the fake laundry detergent. At this time, the time for arrest was ripe, and the police of the task force who had been prepared quickly surrounded the dens and entered the factory through broken windows

the counterfeiters didn't expect the police to arrest them, and they were controlled by the police before they had time to resist. Five people including Wei moubiao, who was producing fake laundry detergent in the dens, were arrested on the spot. The police also seized a batch of electric filling machines, inkjet printers, semi-finished and finished products of fake laundry detergent on the spot

after examination, Wei moubiao and others confessed to their criminal acts of producing and selling fake blue moon laundry detergent. At present, the Dongcheng public security branch has detained Wei moubiao and other three people according to law, and the case is being further handled

▲ the suspect identified the on-site correspondent Liu Huining. With the rapid development of electrohydraulic servo technology, electrohydraulic proportional technology, microelectronics technology, computer technology and modern control technology, photo

all media Lin Chaofeng, Liang Pansheng, correspondent Liu Huining

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