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UAV drivers earn 80000 yuan in 45 days when they become "xiangbobo" in rural China

original title: UAV drivers become "xiangbobo" in rural China Hong Kong media: Earn 80000 yuan in 45 days

reference news on March 26, Hong Kong media said that with the increasingly mature technology, the demand for agricultural UAV drivers is increasing, and the working area of a skilled UAV driver is beyond human reach. The reduction of rural labor force is also a reason for this demand

according to the South China Morning Post station in Hong Kong, on March 25, many migrant workers in China left poor villages to work in factories in the Pearl River Delta or Yangtze River Delta, or in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, to help in restaurants or engage in low-tech jobs such as cleaning with the energy density of the battery system as high as 51, excluding the bulletproof plug-in board on the bulletproof jacket 0 wh/kg, capacity 20 kwh, output power 1000 W

according to the report, it is often the elderly who stay at home in the countryside. Because they do not have enough strength to cultivate and harvest, they usually choose to rent the land to enterprises. In this way, enterprises can consolidate and utilize economies of scale to deploy new technologies such as using drones to spray pesticides, thereby increasing agricultural production. In other countries, including Japan, where many people cannot tell the true from the false, drones have also been used to help elderly farmers because young people no longer work in agriculture

the report points out that in order to take advantage of this trend, some enterprises are turning more resources to the development of UAVs specially used in some fields, including Shenzhen Dajiang company, which accounts for nearly 70% of the world's commercial UAV market

although it was 10 years ago that Zhu Beibei, who owns his own company, worked in a small car factory in Wuhan, he still remembers the pungent smell of tires. When he was 19 years old, it was his first job after graduating from vocational college. His monthly salary was 900 yuan, and he often worked overtime. He resigned after working there for half a year

Zhu Beibei, now 29, said in an interview that after leaving his job, he changed many jobs and sold agricultural products. Later, a friend asked him if he had ever operated a drone. He has no experience in this field, but after five days of training, he became a drone driver and joined a drone company spraying pesticides

now, Zhu Beibei has his own company, leading a team of 30 drone drivers to help farmers spray herbicides, with an annual income of 3million yuan

such income is quite considerable for a farmer's son. Zhubeibei's mother once blamed him for quitting his job in the factory, because this job would allow him to have a pension. Later, he operated the drone and earned 80000 yuan in 45 days, which completely changed his mother's view

for zhubeibei, who has changed from a factory worker to a drone driver, his new career has brought him more freedom, money, and, equally important, respect

when he and his employees worked in the hot summer, farmers welcomed them with watermelon and ice water. He can use iPad to set the drone to self driving status, and then hide in the car, chat with friends or find more customers on. Sometimes, he will broadcast the enchanting scenery captured by drones live on

on the endless fields in the countryside, zhubeibei whistled and sang, watching her drone fly into the blue sky

at this time, PU materials can be used for 3D printing. It is reported that operating UAV flight is only an example of the global casual economy creating more and more new jobs. The popularity of the free ride concept has created didi drivers (Uber or left drivers in the United States). In addition, meituan reviews and takeout service applications such as Alibaba Group's "are you hungry" have also created employment opportunities for a large number of diners

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