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[good driver's home] a female excavator riding the wind and waves! Chinese good driver Li Jinlong

[good driver's home] a female excavator who braves the wind and waves! Li Jinlong, a good Chinese driver

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recently, sister riding the wind and waves was popular, which made people feel the infinite charm of 30+ women. However, it is not only sisters who ride the wind and waves, but also every real and ordinary ordinary ordinary person

today, our hero is such a 30+ sister who "braves the wind and waves". From being poor at first, I now own two houses, six excavators and purchase trucks; From ordinary rural women to now famous professional machine operators; Li Jinlong, the excellent student of the good driver activity, has created his own beautiful life through his continuous efforts

01 recalling the past, Li Jinlong, from Guigang, Guangxi, was just an ordinary rural woman with two children who ran a motorcycle repair and sold some cold drinks with her husband before she came into contact with the construction machinery industry. However, at that time, the business of the small shop was not good, and the two children needed to be taken care of because of their young age, and there was no way to go out to work. The burden of life was on Li Jinlong and his wife. Sometimes, Li Jinlong had to do some heavy lifting work in order to subsidize the family

until 2009, Li Jinlong happened to pass by an excavator store and went in for a look out of curiosity, which opened the door to her other world. In the communication with the shopkeeper, Li Jinlong learned that the market was in short supply of excavators and machine operators at that time, which was a good project that could make money. But for Li Jinlong at that time, the price of excavators was too expensive to even think about it

after returning home, Li Jinlong told his family his idea and roughly analyzed the overall market demand. Unexpectedly, he received the absolute support of his family and pieced together China to raise enough down payment. In this way, Li Jinlong has his own excavator - Lingong 660 excavator. Coincidentally, the good driver activity was officially launched in 2013. As a customer of Shandong temporary work, the temporary work staff often came to visit and learned that Li Jinlong didn't have an operation certificate and needed to improve her technology, so they suggested her to sign up for the competition

02 brave the wind and waves and grow all the way

from the initial contact with excavators in 2009 to participating in good driver competition in 2013, Li Jinlong's growth all the way stems from his practice all the way. Because he first came into contact with this industry field and didn't learn any corresponding knowledge, theory and operation technology, Li Jinlong encountered many difficulties. For Li Jinlong, she needs to learn from scratch. She has long been used to going out early and returning late, and the support of her family is the source of power for her to persevere. What impressed her was the demolition of the house

at that time, there were really few excavators, so I went to the machine to do it. Because the technology is not enough, and there is no guidance from professionals, there is no way to start. Finally, it is thrilling. The tensile space of the vertical tensile testing machine is less than 5 meters, and the house is demolished, but it is in a mess. 1. First of all, we should consider the need to test the material. The tensile range is unbearable, and even the customers are scared. Fortunately, there is not much blame. At the same time, another family also invited an excavator to demolish the house. Compared with professional robots, they are very skilled, and I realized my gap. From then on, I made up my mind to practice well

03 win the competition, a good driver changes life

through the activity of a good driver in China, Li Jinlong learned a lot of professional knowledge and operating skills of excavators, and compared skills with aircraft friends from all over the world, learning from each other's strong points to make up for their weaknesses. After practical examination, theoretical training, theoretical examination and other links, he obtained a nationally recognized professional certificate! With their own continuous efforts, they reached the finals, which can be described as women are no match for men

his excellent performance in the good driver competition also made Li Jinlong famous. Now, with his superb and skilled operation, Li Jinlong has become the local famous gold medal machine player. He is no longer the bronze player in the past. Large and small construction projects have followed, which has greatly improved the living standard of his family

in fact, people should learn to be grateful and share. This is the principle that Li Jinlong has always followed, and it also coincides with the idea conveyed by the temporary good driver activity. When he gets rich, he should also help the people around him get rich together. With this grateful heart, Li Jinlong not only teaches his operating skills for free, but also often participates in rural infrastructure construction for free. This is the story of an ordinary rural woman who, relying on her own persistence and the opportunity of a good driver, has become a master of getting rich step by step

"good driver in China, create a stage for more people to pursue their dreams! I hope to have you, too!", Lijinlong said with a smile

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