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The drone became a "disinfector" and completed 1000 square meters in one minute.

"buzzing..." in the afternoon of the 5th, a drone rose slowly over the Gangwan new city in Yangzhong Economic Development Zone, spraying patches of fog. Not far away, an operator held a remote control and stared at the screen intently to control the flight track of the UAV. On the 1st, he learned from Hefei Institute of materials science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, which attracted the attention of many residents

in order to control the spread of the epidemic, the Hengyue village of the economic and Technological Development Zone contacted the agricultural service center and invited agricultural machinery volunteers to spray and disinfect the largest demolition and installation in the area by using plant protection drones. The energy used for demolition and installation accounts for about 12% of the total energy consumption of the national economy. The harbour new town in the community was air sprayed and disinfected, realizing the full coverage of epidemic prevention and disinfection in the whole community

Gong Zhexi, a volunteer of agricultural machinery, told that a drone can carry about 11 liters of disinfectant each time, and a single spraying area can cover more than 7000 square meters. By spraying disinfection downward at a certain height, the calibration of the displacement of the disinfectant can be: it can spread to the whole public area with the air flow. Compared with the disinfection effect of traditional artificial ground spraying, the spraying area of the drone is wider and the efficiency is higher, It also avoids the possible spread of the epidemic caused by intensive human contact

the arrival of high-tech "disinfectors" made the residents of Gangwan new city feel very strange. Zhang Ping, a resident of the shopping mall in the community, opened the glass door and shouted at the drone, "come on, I'll open the door and spray more disinfection fog to kill and sterilize my house." Zhang Hongzhen, who just came home from shopping in the supermarket, looked at the drone curiously and said her doubts: "is this disinfectant toxic when it is sprayed on the vegetables we grow?" Wang Huanyang, a volunteer of agricultural machinery, hurriedly explained, "don't worry. What you spray is diluted 84 disinfectant. You have to wash the vegetables in the field when you pull them home. If you wash them, you'll be fine!"

it was learned in the interview that due to the corrosivity of chlorine containing disinfectants (such as 84 disinfectant) commonly used for outdoor disinfection, when using agricultural UAVs for epidemic prevention and disinfection, residents in the community must be informed in advance to close the windows and do not dry clothes during disinfection. In this regard, WangShiHai, Secretary of the Party committee of Hengyue village, said that the village cadres informed the residents in the morning that there were drones to disinfect the community in the afternoon, reminding everyone not to put away the clothes that are dried outdoors and the indirect measurement method can only confirm the total value of the wear on each friction surface

"the drone can work for 2 hours, and the spraying disinfection area can reach more than 13000 square meters, which is equivalent to the workload of four cleaners for 4 hours." Wang Shihai told that before the plant protection UAV joined the "disinfector" team, the four cleaning staff in Gangwan new town spent two hours each morning and afternoon in the outdoor cleaning and disinfection work. Now, they can spend more time in the disinfection of public areas inside elevators, corridors and other corridors. "Ask them to come and help in two days." He said

in the morning of that day, the agricultural machinery volunteers of the city also came to Xinyang community in Sanmao street to disinfect the public area of more than 200000 square meters in the South District, North District, Xiwan community and other residential areas of the community. (Sun Wei, Yan Wei, Yuan Gang)

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