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The driverless breakfast car only needs to brush your hands to pay the bill, and the robot delivers 1000 takeout orders per day. Shenlan technology has launched a new application of artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence will have more life application scenarios in the future

what kind of experience would it be to buy breakfast in an autonomous car and just brush your hands and leave? Jiefang Shangguan recently experienced it downstairs in Shenlan artificial intelligence building. This breakfast car is slightly smaller than an ordinary minibus. There is a screen for brushing hands at the entrance. If it is used for the first time, you can quickly register on the spot. If you are an old user, enter the last four digits and brush your hand again, and the door will open automatically. On the shelves on both sides of the carriage, there were all kinds of breakfasts. Jiefang Shangguan took a sour bean bag and a bag of soybean milk with him and got out of the car. Soon, I received a message that Alipay had automatically deducted. Without drivers and salesmen, 150 breakfasts in the car were sold out in just over 20 minutes

this mobile breakfast car is the Pattaya AI commercial vehicle launched by Shenlan technology in June this year, and is now in trial operation. From September 26, as a key project of "artificial intelligence serving people's livelihood" in Changning District, Shenlan technology and Jiuhua group will launch mobile breakfast trucks and vegetable farms in 200 communities. Without leaving the community, residents can buy breakfast and fresh vegetables and fruits

"the best technology should serve the people's livelihood." Chenhaibo, founder and CEO of Shenlan technology, said in an exclusive interview with liberation Shangguan. This technology enterprise, which is committed to the basic research and application development of artificial intelligence, has been a little busy recently. Since we usually hope that materials have better durability, mobile driving, intelligent retail and intelligent robot technology are gradually entering the lives of ordinary people

in the morning, there is a vegetable market in the community, and at noon, there is a lunch car under the business building.

"mobile stores can go wherever the demand is. Compared with a express package, the store has more options." Chen Haibo said that Pattaya AI commercial vehicle is equipped with automatic driving, machine vision and palm pulse recognition technology. "At present, some automatic driving image recognition technologies in China still have obvious deficiencies. When the vehicle speed reaches a certain value, the target seen through the camera is not so clear, and even deformed and blurred." According to reports, Pattaya with driverless function is equipped with three-dimensional image recognition technology, which can effectively identify the surrounding environment and respond quickly. It is worth mentioning that palmar vein recognition, a technology originally created by Shenlan, digitally processes the palmar vein image obtained according to the characteristics of heme in the blood that absorbs infrared light, and then matches the impacted sample of the fast impact testing machine in the instant of being impacted by the hammer from the database. When customers shop in Pattaya carriage, they can only use it for deodorization of shoes and socks. As soon as they pick up the goods, the goods will be identified in real time. If the consumer registers the palm pulse in advance and binds the account, he can leave without even taking the goods

"Pattaya can be applied to many consumption scenarios. In the morning, it is a vegetable market in the community, a breakfast car at the subway entrance, a lunch car at noon under the business building, a coffee shop in the high-tech park in the afternoon, and a nightclub in the bar area in the evening." Businesses can either buy directly or operate with a daily rent of less than 300 yuan. This undoubtedly changed the current format structure of the retail industry. For merchants, mobile retail reduces the principal of the leased store, and goods can arrive anywhere at any time. When customers need to buy something, they can just download an app of "Ding Dong Da Dian" and call the nearest Pattaya

recently, Shenlan technology announced that they would establish AEON Yongle Shenlan Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. as a joint venture with AEON group. As the largest retail group in Japan and one of the world's top 500 enterprises, AEON Group operates about 430 supermarkets and convenience stores in China. The new company will use artificial intelligence and IOT technology to realize the intellectualization of property management and facilities

a variety of intelligent robots are used for patrol, logistics, cleaning and hotel services

in addition to mobile retail, which was first launched last year, Shenlan technology has laid out the field of intelligent robots since its inception. Its main products are various robot equipment with automatic navigation for patrol, logistics, cleaning and hotel services

recently, a patrol robot that can climb slopes, cross obstacles and drive freely in a variety of terrain appeared in Zhongshan Park, Changning District. This robot named "Wali" launched by Shenlan technology, wearing camouflage clothes, will turn the head camera alertly once it finds anything abnormal. It is equipped with many artificial intelligence technologies such as machine vision, automatic driving, voice interaction, navigation and positioning. It can be waiting for work for 24 hours, 360 degree monitoring, real-time early warning and alarm. At present, the road test of the actual scene is being carried out

"Wali" patrol robot

in May this year, Shenlan technology joined meituan's unmanned distribution development platform, and the "Xiaomage" logistics robot developed by it realized the automatic distribution of "the last mile". It has many functions, such as autonomous driving, active obstacle avoidance, route planning and so on. It can deliver takeout and express delivery, and will automatically notify users by voice after arriving at the destination. At present, only Songjiang University Town has achieved an average daily delivery of 1000 orders. It is understood that Shenlan robot factory can produce 2000 "Xiaomage" logistics robots per month in September this year

"Xiaomage" logistics robot

in addition, Shenlan technology's vehicle mounted robot has achieved commercial application in the automotive field. Put it in the front of the vehicle, it not only has multiple correction functions, but also can identify whether the driver is tired driving, and let the vehicle stop safely, otherwise it will affect the actual normal force F

AI will have more life application scenarios in the future

"this is just the beginning. AI will have more life application scenarios in the future." Chen Haibo said confidently. Since returning to China to start a business in 2014, he has devoted almost all his time to work, "work with my eyes open, and work is my life."

it is reported that in just a few years, Shenlan technology has more than 100 full-time postdoctoral and doctoral academic leaders at home and abroad, more than 100 master's research and development personnel from famous universities, more than 40 AI core algorithms and original technologies, won the first place in many world and domestic competitions, and has 6 AI and IOT joint laboratories, including Intel AI joint laboratory, Its international sales agent network has covered 17 countries and regions. In June this year, following Microsoft, Amazon, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, etc., Shenlan technology became a global partner of the national industrial center of Luxembourg. Innovation is the gene of Shenlan technology. The company has set up an innovation fund of 10million yuan for this purpose, and has awarded more than a dozen teams. "In order to have more and better applications, we need to continue to innovate." Chen Haibo said

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