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Drought or the cause of the extinction of Maya civilization scientific instruments how to prevent drought

Maya civilization has always been a topic we are interested in until 2020. Over the years, researchers have never stopped exploring the causes of the extinction of Maya civilization. Recently, the University of Cambridge reported that British scientists had accurately measured the severity of drought during the collapse of the Mayan civilization thousands of years ago, providing strong evidence that drought led to the collapse of the Mayan civilization

in fact, the view that drought led to the extinction of Mayan civilization has always been supported by a large number of researchers and ancient civilization research enthusiasts. After all, drought has a non negligible impact on life activities. So in modern times, in the face of potential natural disasters such as drought, what methods can the instrument play a preventive role

the generation and harm of vicious cycle drought

generally speaking, drought, which we often say, is a meteorological disaster. Intuitively speaking, it is a phenomenon that the total content of water or other forms of water within a certain range cannot meet the needs of human survival and development, and affect the life activities of other organisms, which generally exists for a long time. The causes of drought can be divided into two aspects: natural and man-made

drought of adhesive products is naturally caused by the phenomenon of no or little rainfall in the region. The cause may be caused by climate change or geological environment. It usually occurs in areas with high terrain and less water resources (rivers, lakes, seas, shallow groundwater, etc.) in the region

the causes of man-made drought are relatively complex, but the summary can be roughly divided into two parts: waste of resources and environmental damage. Water is an essential resource for our daily activities, and the waste of resources will directly lead to the increase of water consumption. Once the total water consumption exceeds the bearing capacity of local water resources, the overall water cycle trend will shift to the direction of drought, which is also the main reason for the aggravation of the drought. Drought caused by environmental damage is relatively complex. Simply put, on the one hand, environmental damage causes the decline of water quality, which directly reduces the amount of water available to residents; On the other hand, the reduction of vegetation will reduce the ability of the surface to absorb water, leading to the drying of the climate, the reduction of soil water content, and the decline of the total content of water resources

in addition, once the arid environment occurs, it will gradually aggravate, forming a vicious circle within a certain range, and showing an expanding trend. For example, drought is easy to cause plant depletion, and large-scale plant depletion will lead to the reduction of the ability of regional soil to absorb water, the lack of soil water content and the difficulty of cultivating new plants, the lack of plant regulation, the regional climate will become dry, the natural rainfall will be reduced, and the drought will be aggravated

environmental detection instruments regional drought was discovered early

weather forecasting is no stranger to everyone. With the help of various precise meteorological prediction instruments, we can predict the future air humidity, temperature and weather conditions. In fact, meteorological prediction instruments belong to environmental detection instruments, and with the help of these precise environmental detection instruments, drought can also be predicted. At present, China has a clear classification of meteorological drought early warning. Taking the comprehensive meteorological drought index in the national standard meteorological drought rating (gb/t) as the standard, the early warning is divided into orange and red

the prevention of drought should be discussed from two aspects. On the one hand, climate change is controlled, and meteorological prediction instruments are generally used. The common ones include anemometer used to measure the change of wind speed, air hygrometer used to measure the cold degree of wet adopt cascade compression mechanism, thermometer used to measure the ambient temperature, sounding balloon used to predict air indicators at different heights, and so on. Different instruments perform their respective duties, collect relevant meteorological data, and then count the meteorological data within a certain period of time and analyze the changes of the data by establishing a perfect air monitoring system. When the climate index is abnormal, it can be analyzed in time to detect the meteorological drought and give early warning

on the other hand, it is to control the environment and ecology, including the detection of soil moisture content and the monitoring of environmental pollution degree

the degree of soil dryness is an important indicator to judge the degree of meteorological drought. Through the soil moisture monitor, we can clearly understand the change of soil moisture content in a certain period of time, so as to judge the ability of the surface to absorb water; Combined with the data obtained by meteorological prediction instruments, the degree of water circulation in the region can also be evaluated. In addition, soil moisture monitoring is also of great significance for the prediction of the degree of soil desertification

the monitoring of the degree of environmental pollution mainly focuses on the control of soil pollution and water pollution, generally using soil heavy metal detectors, water analyzers and other related instruments and equipment. By analyzing the soil composition, we can effectively judge the degree of soil pollution and control it, help us judge whether the land is suitable for plant growth and what plant growth is suitable for, which is of great significance for the protection of vegetation in the environment. Water analysis can effectively control the quality of water resources in the region, avoid water pollution causing water shortage for residents, and prevent water pollution from destroying the environment and ecology through the water circulation system. Through monitoring the degree of environmental pollution, we can finally prevent regional meteorological drought

artificial rainfall technology can effectively control regional drought

solving the problem of no or little precipitation for a long time in the region is an effective means to control regional drought, in which artificial rainfall technology is widely used. By imitating the formation principle of natural rainfall, dry ice, silver iodide, salt powder and other catalysts are artificially added to the clouds to increase regional precipitation, so as to break the vicious cycle of drought in the region and improve the arid environment

however, it should be noted that artificial rainfall has certain limitations, which requires systematic statistics and analysis of the region and the surrounding environment, and looking for appropriate opportunities to use it. Otherwise, it will not only be unable to control drought, but also aggravate the impact of drought due to interference with the natural water cycle

summary: after years of development, we have made considerable progress in dealing with drought, whether it is the early warning of drought by relevant departments, the prevention of drought by relevant technologies, or the improvement of drought prevention projects. I believe that in the future, as people often think that good quality means the further improvement of scientific instruments and the further improvement of science and technology, the problems brought by drought will no longer exist

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