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Can drones also sell cute and roll? Yuanmu workshop Zhiqu assembly UAV unlocks creativity

it is reported that after more than two years of planning, design, R & D and creation, the yuanmu workshop wood assembly UAV project officially landed on Taobao crowdfunding in July 2018. Now it has raised more than 240000 funds and can start the project to enter production

learned that the wood panel assembly UAV of yuancarpentry workshop is a wooden high-tech assembly UAV, which can be assembled manually and controlled intelligently. The operator can spend some time to make an interesting gadget by hand, and arouse interest and Thinking on the UAV in the production process, which can effectively exercise the scientific and technological innovation ability and creativity of the operator. It is an intelligent UAV very suitable for cultivating children's scientific and technological interest

yuanmu workshop wood panel assembly UAV is developed by aofei innovation technology (Shenzhen) company

aofeichuang does not rely on "cutting corners" to increase its market share. New technology company is a new technology company focusing on the R & D, creation and exploration of UAVs, as well as the educational application and innovative playing methods of UAVs. The members of aofei innovation team are mainly young people, full of creativity and passion. They are willing to use better products and better services to let everyone enjoy the fun brought by UAVs and the convenience brought by technology, and let more students learn more scientific knowledge through these fun and technology

the assembling process of the intelligent and interesting assembling UAV of yuancarpentry workshop developed this time is very interesting. It mainly adopts the mortise and tenon method, and the structural parts are fixed and locked with each other to form a stable fuselage. It does not need any additional parts, such as screws, glue, bandages and other tools, which greatly reduces the difficulty of assembly and the requirements for tools, and reflects the designer's ingenuity. During the splicing process, fully exercise children's hands-on ability. The growth rates of PBT and GBL in the same period are 34.9% and 24.6% respectively. There are also various ways to play, which can fully meet children's curiosity. After the assembly, the appearance of the whole machine presents the shape of the outer circle and the inner side. The structure is highly symmetrical, simple and exquisite, which makes the owner fondle it

yuanmu workshop UAV is a high-tech product toy that combines education with fun. It skillfully combines physical products with the five systems of steam education, emphasizing the enhancement of children's ability to create, operate and think. It is characterized by hardware facilities and software programming, and enjoys the fun of challenging yourself. This UAV makes many complex flight controls easy to operate. It can also easily complete video recording and shooting functions with the help of app. There are up to 9 kinds of flight play methods

want the small plane to rotate by itself? Or let drones sell cute and roll? It sounds incredible, but yuanmu workshop UAV can do it. They use the unique graphical programming mode to make the original professional and complex command code not graphical and modular, which can not only make this UAV fly high and far, but also fly very cool. Yuanmu workshop wood panel assembled UAV is a versatile toy that allows children to play smarter, make children fall in love with creation and technology in entertainment, and let children explore the infinite mysteries of technology in games

Editor's note: as the saying goes, the more you play, the wiser you are. Every aspiring parent hopes that their children can learn knowledge in entertainment, feel happy in learning knowledge, and be able to use their own hands to "develop" toys of the same interest on commercial aircraft. It's best. We also expect yuancarpentry workshop to give full play to its advantages of assembly and modularity, continue to innovate and upgrade, and bring more surprises to UAV users

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