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A man in the United States won 500000 prizes and was rejected. The official said it was misprinted

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core tip: Recently, the United States has always been rejected after winning the lottery. Not just a few days ago, a man in the United States was officially said to be misprinted after winning 500000 dollars (about 3.5 million yuan). In order to express his apology, American lottery officials offer 100 US dollars (about 700 yuan) as compensation

[China Packaging News] recently, the United States has often been rejected after winning the lottery. Not only a few days ago, a man in the United States was officially said to have misprinted after winning $500000 (about 3.5 million yuan). In order to express his apology, the United States lottery official provided $100 (about 700 yuan) as compensation

3.5 million winners were refused to cash the prize. Officials said it was misprinted

in December 2016, an American man named John Vannes bought a local American "scratch" lottery ticket at the local lottery betting station, and when the lottery was opened

John Vannes was very excited, because Vannes saw two 1s on the number, which means that each 1 on both ends of the shaft can receive a bonus of 250000 dollars, a total of 500000 dollars, about 3.5 million yuan. At the same time, he also scraped two 2S, with bonuses of 500 and 50 dollars respectively. When Vannes returned to the lottery betting station to cash the prize, he was told that he did not win the prize

the lottery salesperson at the betting station told him that the lottery appeared to be a "winning" number. In fact, due to the wrong printing of the lottery, there should still be a number after the lottery number 1. According to the local lottery winning regulations, two separate numbers cannot be cashed

however, Vannes believes that the main non main devices, non main control systems and non key stations used in the four lottery tickets for large-scale engineering projects in a row are printing errors, which are a little unconventional. Later, John Vannes consulted the local lottery official, and the answer was that he did not win the lottery. The authorities gave Vannes a consolation bonus of $100 (about 700 yuan) in order to express their apology

winning 301 million yuan, but only ranking 14th among 42 major industries in China. The 15 yuan institution said that the machine broke down. This kind of thing did not happen first in the American lottery. It was also last year that after an American woman bookman won $43million (301 million yuan), the local official also said that due to machine failure, it showed a wrong winning amount, so he refused to cash the prize

as compensation, the agency will offer $2.25 (about 15 yuan) and a free steak dinner

bookman expressed dissatisfaction with the official judgment, and then entrusted lawyer Ripka to the local court for the above

however, as early as 2015, a similar incident occurred in the Iowa casino in the United States. After a post-90s woman won $41million, the relevant operation structure was also denied under various excuses

fortunately, in the end, the court ruled that the original winner won the lawsuit and received a $41million bonus that should have belonged to him

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