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Hundreds of flights were delayed by drones invading British airports, and more than 100000 passengers were stranded. Original title: hundreds of flights were delayed by drones invading British airports. Presided over the revision of jjg269 (8) 1 "changing the verification regulations of experimental aircraft", and more than 100000 passengers were stranded. China News Service reported on December 21 that recently, London Gatwick Airport in the UK suspended all flights from the evening of the 19th because of drones invading the airspace. On the 20th local time, the crisis caused by drones remained unresolved, affecting more than 100000 passengers

according to the report, the British police said that this was not a terrorist attack, but it was obviously a "deliberate harassment" by someone using an industrial UAV, and the British military would send special equipment to assist

Gatwick Airport, located near London, is one of the busiest airports in the UK. Since about 9 p.m. on the 19th, all flights were grounded due to drones flying over the runway

it was reported that on the 20th, 110000 passengers who were originally expected to take off and land from Gatwick Airport on 760 flights were delayed due to the drone incident, and the related impact may last for many days. Many flights were forced to transfer to Heathrow airport or Luton airport in London, or airports in Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow, and even Paris, Amsterdam and other cities

Gatwick airport authorities said that we must ensure the safety of airport airspace before resuming the opening of the airport

Gavin williamso, the British Secretary of defense, confirmed that the military had stepped in to assist the Sussex police. He said: "the military has some special equipment. Although this is not a common situation for the military, we will be there to assist and try our best to reopen the airport as soon as possible."

in addition to the Ministry of defense, officials from other British government departments will also assist in dealing with it and report the latest situation to Prime Minister Theresa May at any time

according to the estimation of the airport authorities, the flight will be affected until the 21st. Airlines taking off and landing at Gatwick Airport advise passengers to check the flight status first, and if the flight is canceled, do not go to the airport

Ryanair, which has the most flights taking off and landing at Gatwick Airport, has announced that all flights on the 21st will be transferred to London Stansted Airport

it is reported that Chris Woodroofe, the chief operating officer of Gatwick Airport, said: "the police are searching for the operator of the drone to stop the drone." He also said that the police did not want to shoot down the drone and were worried that stray bullets might cause accidental injuries

Woodruff said that due to the location of UAV flying too close to the runway, opening the runway is not only extremely serious pollution, but also safe. At present, about 11000 passengers have been stranded at the airport

it is reported that if the UAV operator is arrested, he will face five years' imprisonment

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