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Drones dance for the chorus! Le Xianfang primary school quality education achievement exhibition, art and "science fiction"

drones for chorus and dance! Lexianfang primary school quality education achievement exhibition, art and "science fiction"

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original title: drones dance for chorus! Le Xianfang primary school quality education achievement exhibition, art and "science fiction"

how does the school choir cooperate with drones? On January 18, 2020, Le Xianfang primary school "Le Beibei welcomes the new year · quality education achievements exhibition" was held in Guangzhou Cultural Park

the exhibition activity consists of two parts: an exhibition of students' excellent works of "never forget the original intention, build a dream, and be virtuous" in the Yilu exhibition hall of the Cultural Park, and an art exhibition activity of "cross discipline dream stem" on the central platform. That night, Le Xianfang primary school brought the integration of "Le curriculum" stem class and university courses to the stage, pushing the enthusiasm of the activity to a climax

Nandu saw in the Yilu exhibition hall that all the scientific and artistic works on display were hand-made by the children of the school in the comprehensive quality education, such as printmaking created with Lingnan and Yangcheng cultural elements, and printmaking seals made with laser printing technology; Cartoon three-dimensional paper art made of corrugated paper; Soft pottery with unique Lingnan characteristics and comics with Xiguan style; Handicraft works such as campus architectural design full of a sense of the future, etc., are dazzling, full of childlike fun and creativity, reflecting children's feelings and memories of life inside and outside the campus, and their hopes and hopes for the evaluation of the implementation of industry plans and important policies in the future

stem education is a new educational concept that has become "popular" in recent years

different from the traditional single discipline and book knowledge education method, stem is a practice oriented interdisciplinary education concept, which emphasizes multi-disciplinary and cross domain knowledge learning and application, and endows it with stronger practical ability requirements than the traditional education concept. Stem stands for the integrated education of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. 1. Through carrying out stem education courses, innovating classroom teaching mode, helping teachers improve teaching methods and innovate teaching thinking; 2. Through carrying out stem education courses, cultivate students' scientific spirit, broaden students' knowledge fields and thinking, and help students stimulate their potential ability and interest in learning science; Develop personality and improve students' learning ability and comprehensive ability; China is a major producer and consumer of plastic products in the world. 3. By carrying out stem education courses, cultivate students' sense of unity and cooperation, cultivate critical spirit and innovative thinking in the process of project learning, improve students' practical ability, oral expression and ability to describe phenomena in scientific language, and learn to understand and feel the world with new attitudes and ways of thinking, so as to stimulate students' imagination and creativity

that night, Le Xianfang primary school held an art exhibition of "pursuing dreams across disciplines" on the central platform of the Cultural Park, which consists of three chapters: exploring the earth, the road of civilization, and creating the future with intelligence. With the theme of stem educational practice, the program vividly shows the fruitful achievements of Le Xianfang primary school in the future school construction based on core literacy and learning ability through the stage art techniques of space-time transformation and context contrast

the school brings the integration of "music course" stem classroom and university courses to the stage to spread the concept of education. The display of different courses is refreshing

the activity was kicked off by the technology Ted "exploring the earth", telling the mystery of exploring the origin of life. The dance "journey of exploration" and the classical guitar "wonderful wonders" were fascinating. The lively and progressive "the most beautiful school uniform show", Allegro recitation "art express" and stem class "programming" annotate the progress of the road of civilization with traditional language forms and programming "language". The chorus "mountains in winter" and "let the world be full of love", jointly performed by the school choir and the drone class, coupled with wonderful drone performances, pushed the warm atmosphere of the event to a climax

it is understood that in recent years, Le Xianfang primary school has adhered to the systematic reform under the top-level design of regional education, which clearly shows that the iron content of lubricating oil is related to the wear degree of parts, and has embarked on an innovative development road of the overall construction of school education mode. The school curriculum reflects diversity, diversity, innovation and selectivity, and meets the diverse needs of students' learning, life and personality development. The expert group believes that the innovation center has successfully completed various tasks during the training period, and finally points to the development of students' core literacy. From changing the way of talent cultivation, developing stem curriculum framework to cultivate students' innovative consciousness, innovative thinking ability, practical ability and critical thinking ability; The reconstruction focuses on the national curriculum, starts with school-based curriculum and characteristic curriculum, and constructs a curriculum system characterized by humanistic quality, scientific and technological exploration, discipline integration and home school symbiosis. (Photo Report by Tan Qingju and ye Siming in Nandu)

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