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In 2018, the driving effect of environmental protection policies accelerated the release of intense competition in the environmental protection market

after 2017 became the year of the outbreak of environmental protection policies, in January 2018, environmental protection policies met the intensive landing period again. According to incomplete statistics, dozens of new environmental protection policies have been officially implemented on January 1. In the view of experts and insiders, the driving effect of environmental protection policies will be accelerated in 2018

it is found that since January 1, many new environmental protection policies have been officially implemented at the national level, such as the environmental protection tax law, the regulations for the implementation of the environmental protection tax law of the people's Republic of China, the newly revised water pollution prevention and control law of the people's Republic of China, the reform plan for the compensation system for ecological environmental damage according to the requirements of materials, and the emission standard of air pollutants for the pharmaceutical industry. At the local level, relevant policies such as Sichuan environmental protection regulations, Hainan water pollution prevention and control regulations, Guiyang air pollution prevention and control measures, Shanghai construction waste treatment and management regulations, and the Interim Measures for the supervision and management of the development and utilization of contaminated land in Zhejiang Province (Exposure Draft) have also begun to be implemented intensively

previously, 2017 has become a "explosive year" for environmental protection policies due to the release of dozens of heavy policies, such as the "13th five year plan" for the development of national environmental protection standards, the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of soil pollution (Draft), and the implementation plan for the domestic waste classification system

Feng Liang, deputy director of the Department of environment and resources of the national development and Reform Commission, previously said that the promotion of environmental protection policies is unprecedented, which also indicates that the environmental protection industry has ushered in unprecedented opportunities

according to the 13th five year plan, China's environmental protection output value is expected to reach 12trillion yuan by 2022. In the view of many experts, the continuously increasing environmental protection policy will further enlarge the environmental protection market space

in fact, driven by strong environmental protection policies, since the weight of the 2017 sample itself easily led to inaccurate measurement results, various funds have begun to compete to enter the environmental protection industry since the second half of the year, and the tide of mergers and acquisitions is surging

it is worth mentioning that in addition to private enterprises, many central and state-owned enterprises have also begun to cross into the environmental protection industry, and many customers expect prices to rise. In July 2017, CRRC Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., which is controlled by CRRC, was registered and established. In December, CNNC group established CNNC environmental protection Co., Ltd. and the workbench fell to its original position to enter the environmental protection market

experts said that the strong entry of central and state-owned enterprises will make the competition in the environmental protection market more intense, and the pace of mergers and acquisitions of leading environmental protection enterprises will be accelerated

Shengyun Environmental Protection announced on the evening of January 1 that the company plans to issue shares and pay in cash to purchase new energy related industry assets. Last year, Shengyun environmental protection, together with the energy conservation Huayu fund, set up an industrial M & A fund of 20billion yuan, with an initial period of 6billion yuan, which was intended to invest in the upstream and downstream of solid waste and other environmental protection businesses

just in December 2017, mergers and acquisitions in the environmental protection industry were frequent. Among them, Yongqing environmental protection plans to acquire 100% shares of KangBo solid waste with 1.075 billion yuan; Datang environment acquired 80% equity of Hengtong company with 14.6066 million yuan; New Zhongtian environmental protection Co., Ltd. acquired Yancheng Zhonghui renewable resources Co., Ltd. for 70million yuan; Zhongguo water plans to acquire a special equipment manufacturing company for environmental protection; Aofeng environmental protection plans to acquire 100% shares of Xiamen kunyue with 173.5 million yuan

not only that, environmental protection enterprises are also increasingly going abroad. A few days ago, China Tianying planned to acquire 100% equity of European environmental protection enterprise urbaser for 8.574 billion yuan, which is an example

Xue Tao, executive dean of E20 Research Institute and deputy dean of E20 Joint Research Institute of Peking University School of environment, said in an interview that there are two main ways for environmental protection enterprises to go abroad: one is to directly acquire mature environmental protection enterprises from developed or quasi developed countries, and the other is to directly invest in developing countries. From the perspective of overseas investment, the investment trend will continue to rise next year and the following year

according to Guan Qingyou, President and chief economist of the Financial Research Institute, the differentiation and restructuring of the environmental protection industry will continue to intensify, and the scale and proportion of some leading enterprises in the whole industry will become larger and larger

insiders generally expect that the environmental protection industry will continue to rely on mergers and acquisitions to expand its business in 2018, and the scale of mergers and acquisitions will tend to be stable, which is expected to remain at 30 billion to 40 billion yuan, and gradually turn to the business integration of mergers and acquisitions companies. "Especially in the mergers and acquisitions of operational assets such as sewage, garbage and sanitation, huge transactions may occur," Xue Tao said

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