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Awesome, the top ten famous brand craftsman of fine wood, so easy

in today's soaring housing prices, living in a new house is definitely a great joy. But, it is likely that happiness will lead to sorrow. You know what? In the process of new house decoration, there will be a lot of pollution, and formaldehyde is the number one killer

according to the survey, 80% of the newly decorated rooms exceed the standard of formaldehyde. In Beijing alone, 100000 people are poisoned by formaldehyde every year, and 350 people cause cancer, of which the youngest leukemia patient is only 40 days old; Even unborn fetuses are not immune. 68% of fetal malformations are related to formaldehyde. Formaldehyde pollution will even cause pregnant women to miscarry. It's a cup

formaldehyde pollution is so terrible, what should we do

first of all, the newly decorated rooms should be well ventilated. Ventilation can greatly reduce the concentration of formaldehyde, but it can cure the symptoms rather than the root cause! Experts said: once the doors and windows are closed, the concentration of formaldehyde rises sharply again. And, formaldehyde is not only highly volatile, but also has a release period of more than ten years. Do you want to change into a formaldehyde absorber? Do you have a permanent cure

there must be. CEIBS technology has devoted five years of research and independently developed nano silicon titanium self-cleaning agent with unique molecular sieve structure, which can effectively adsorb and decompose free formaldehyde in the air. National patented technology has been widely used in furniture, flooring, coatings and other decoration materials

the refined wood craftsman's aldehyde purification antibacterial board adopts the patented technology of China Europe science and technology. The E0 grade board core is added with the aldehyde purification antibacterial function. According to the national laboratory test, the formaldehyde purification efficiency is as high as 79.9%, the purification effect durability is as high as 63.7%, and the antibacterial rate is as high as 99.99%, leaving free formaldehyde nowhere to escape. Refined craftsman formaldehyde purifying antibacterial board, an air purifier that will never be powered off in your home decoration

to feel the effect of formaldehyde purification plate, put formaldehyde detector, small fan, formaldehyde purification antibacterial plate into the 1 cubic acre sealed box, and inject liquid formaldehyde. Formaldehyde vaporized rapidly, and the concentration reached the peak instantly. After 24 hours of purification by formaldehyde purification board, formaldehyde decreased by 80%, and the effect was even better

let's make a calculation.

suppose that a 120 square meter home needs 40 boards, and the price of each board is 50 yuan higher, which is equivalent to an extra budget of 2000 yuan, and the home can effectively clean formaldehyde for 10 years

2000 yuan divided by 10 years =200 yuan/year

200 yuan divided by 12 months =16.67 yuan/month

16.67 yuan divided by 30 days =0.56 yuan/day

with only a few more cents a day, you can give your family more health. In this way, do you still think that acetaldehyde antibacterial board is expensive

in order to make the fake have nowhere to hide, the craftsman of refined materials added a watermark anti-counterfeiting logo to each plate, and only UV light is needed to distinguish the authenticity

the beauty of life comes from pure aldehyde. Choosing a refined craftsman's aldehyde antibacterial board is the best care for your family

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