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On November 18, 2017, Taiwan singer Zhang Hongliang helped de Ville customize the Hefei flagship store in the whole house, and opened the power ceremony of star brands! On site, you can not only listen to the voice of powerful idols and see the style of idols, but also follow the steps of the president and start a grand feast

stars arrive, power ceremony

is the ticket for the star meeting too expensive? It doesn't matter. Come to the scene of the de Ville Hefei signing meeting, and you can get 888 yuan worth of tickets for the star meeting. There are also cash red envelopes on the scene for you to grab ~ ~

Star + president joint signing, Huidong City

in order to make quality customized furniture truly owned by everyone who loves life, Deville will open the "star + president joint signing" mode, start crazy profit sharing, and Huidong city promotion activities. At the scene, there are not only star special offers that are lower than 50% off, but also a cash back activity of "one benefit to the end". If you pay more than 10000 yuan in advance, you can enjoy another 10% cash back, and if you pay more, you can return more

lucky draw, free gift

during the activity, customers with orders who pay a deposit of 1000 yuan in advance will be given a lottery ticket for the "11.18 power ceremony", and customers who pay more than 5000 yuan will be given a lottery ticket, and so on, the top is not capped! Super brand home appliance gifts such as Xiaomi 55 inch smart TV, luxury three door refrigerator, luxury washing machine and luxury household vacuum cleaner will be delivered on site

what are you waiting for, a super power ceremony with fierce discounts and rich prizes blessed by big stars? On November 18, de Ville and the famous Taiwanese singer Zhang Hongliang invited you to meet in Hefei. Let's take action instead of excitement





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