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As we all know, furniture is a kind of life tool we need, and it is something that every family will have, which can meet certain needs of our life. Next, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of furniture production and the specific process of furniture design, hoping to help you

advantages and disadvantages of furniture production

I: advantages

1. Most of the factors why ordinary consumers choose to adopt customized furniture are attracted by its personality, which is characterized by professional customization according to the different needs of consumers. From door-to-door measurement to product design to furniture production, consumers can fully participate in it, which greatly satisfies consumers' sense of achievement in their own hands-on participation in design and production. Moreover, compared with traditional finished furniture, its almost transparent production and sales mode of customized furniture also makes consumers feel more at ease

2. Because of its personalized characteristics, it can indeed meet the needs of buyers, but for businesses, its biggest advantage is to reduce the operating cost of furniture. Traditional furniture is completely processed and then sold, but the needs of each family are different, so some furniture may cause a backlog, and finally have to be demolished and remade or purchased for storage in the warehouse. A lot of manpower and material resources are wasted, but customized furniture is different. It is customized according to the needs of consumers. Such a situation as overstock of goods will not occur, reducing the cost of furniture

second: disadvantages

the above content must have been carefully read about its advantages. Next, let's continue to understand its disadvantages. Furniture Customization is customized according to the needs of consumers. While satisfying consumers, it is not a good thing for the production staff. A finished furniture product, from material selection to production to division of labor and layout to the selection of some small parts, is a challenge to the manufacturing process of businesses. Compared with traditional furniture, customized furniture obviously requires higher technology and is more troublesome to manufacture, so its price is also higher than that of finished furniture. If the business conscience is not devoid of, you may not be cheated much. If you encounter unscrupulous businesses, then you have to be careful

specific process of furniture design

1. Scheme sketch

the image performance conceived by the designer after understanding the relevant design requirements is the best way to capture the design idea, which is generally drawn by hand

2. Collect design data

determine the preliminary original conception of furniture according to the sketch of the scheme. The process, material, structure and other aspects are the problems of the design center

3. Drawing three views and perspective effect drawing

is a concrete process, which is close to the actual effect of the finished product. The materials of all aspects of furniture should be clear, and drawing perspective effect drawing on the basis has the practical significance of design

4. Model making

the three views and perspective are planar, and there are certain viewpoints and directions, which are not comprehensive and three-dimensional. Therefore, simple materials and processing methods are used to make the model according to a certain proportion

5. Complete the design scheme

the designer's idea and intention is to solicit the opinions of the client, and then fully display it through the design scheme, supplemented by text descriptions for the endless parts

6. Making a physical model

the physical model is to make a 1:1 physical model after the design scheme is determined

7. Prepare construction drawings

including general assembly drawings, parts drawings, processing requirements, dimensions and materials, which are fixed in the form of drawings to ensure the consistency of products and samples

the above about the advantages and disadvantages of furniture production and the specific process of furniture design are introduced here. I hope these are helpful to you. If there is anything you don't understand, you can learn more. Please continue to follow our website





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