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People often say that the appearance of a home is the appearance of a person's soul. What you see and use every day will outline your deep soul with a stroke

people often say that the appearance of a home is the appearance of a person's soul. What you see and use every day will outline your deep soul with a stroke. The current and future state of a person, even a family, can be seen from home. When you feel that life is difficult and everything else is not important except money, let your home be messy, and the worse the living environment is, the more messy your thoughts will be, which will affect your work, and the worse the day passes. And a person who pays attention to the living environment and insists on keeping the house clean and tidy naturally has a positive and healthy mentality. With a good attitude, it is easy to be full of hope for the future and the world. Even if there are difficulties at present, we will not lose confidence in life. We will certainly summon up the courage to walk through the night and usher in the bright dawn. Classic yellow three bedroom two hall whole house customization case! Deville mall share

1 living room

how long has it been since we put down our mobile phones and iPads to "live together" with our family and friends. In the bright navia living room, on the brown fashionable sofa, you can invite friends to enjoy a happy movie viewing time, or you can have a party with friends until the end of time. Open your heart in a bright and clean atmosphere, and appreciate the texture of life in modern decoration full of artistic sense

2 balcony

the small balcony connecting the inner world and the outside scenery is a small universe that cannot be ignored. The customized balcony cabinet provides a place for washing machines, towels, washing supplies, etc., to avoid the sun and rain. In this space, you can enjoy the rare leisure time with your friends

3 restaurant

walk through the living room and turn around to the world with the flavor of home. The combination of a small square dining table and a simple back chair, which falls gently in the spacious restaurant, is warm and simple. The combination of open and closed lockers makes it more convenient to take it, just like the surprise of finding a wonderful way to receive it; After dinner, it makes storage more convenient

4 master bedroom

the master bedroom takes the Milky brick wall as the background wall at the head of the bed, revealing a faint industrial style, which makes people see the uninhibited young heart of the master. The wardrobe adopts the corner design, and the books that the owner reads can be placed on the corner cabinet, which is more convenient to take. The other half of the activity area is an integration of office area and entertainment area. If you are tired of studying or working overtime, you can watch TV appropriately to relax

5 guest bedroom

the quality of life has nothing to do with the luxury of home decoration, it has to do with your attitude towards life. If you want to convey your life concept to guests from afar, even simple decoration such as white wall and wooden floor, and elegant color matching such as white and gray can also present quality one by one

6 children's room

on the way of struggle, it is to give a better life to the family. Children's room is a paradise for children to grow up at ease. Brightly colored wallpapers and soft and comfortable bedding give children a comfortable and stable sleeping space

the choices made by each family in decoration and decoration are their understanding of life. As for home, as long as it conforms to your real life state and can stimulate your enthusiasm for life, it is comfortable and warm. Whole house customization case Deville mall Customized hotline: 400-8822-118 24-hour service hotline, welcome to consult





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