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Xiao Wang, a citizen who was decorating his house, suddenly found that the price of the faucet he took a fancy to a few days ago was nearly ten yuan higher than the price agreed at the beginning. The shopkeeper explained that the manufacturer raised the ex factory price because the rising copper price in the domestic market led to rising costs. Xiao Wang also found that the prices of many copper products, such as faucets, wires and baths, have increased

it is understood that at the beginning of last year, the average price of copper in the domestic market was about 30000 yuan/ton; However, it has reached more than 40000 yuan/ton this month, and the price has increased by more than 30%

recently, a bathing appliance operator in the urban building materials market told reporters that 95% of a faucet product is made of copper, while the pendant used in the bathroom is all made of copper. Since last year, manufacturers have raised the ex factory price of products for three times, and the increase rate is basically 10%. According to the reporter, sanitary ware enterprises that use copper have basically raised the ex factory price

it is reported that the rise in copper prices has the greatest impact on the cable and wire industry. Nowadays, cables and wires generally use copper cores. In control cables and wires, the cost of copper accounts for about 50% of the total cost; More than 80% of low-voltage cables and wires; The cost of copper in the top-grade cable is up to 90%

"from the beginning of last year to now, the wholesale price has increased by 10 times, which is too much." An operator surnamed Lin reluctantly told reporters, "the wholesale price rises, and the retail price has to rise. Many of the cable buyers are regular customers, and they have great opinions on the price rise, but there is no way." The price of locks and handles in the decoration market also rose by about 8%

among bathroom products, there are many kinds of faucets and bathroom pendants, and the quality and price vary greatly. The specific price increases range from a few yuan to dozens of yuan. The person in charge of Wenzhou Lianyi plumbing equipment store told reporters that the overall increase was 8% - 10%

then, how much will the rising copper price increase consumers' spending? For example, a person in the industry said that more than a year ago, if a consumer decorated the house, it cost a total of 100000 yuan. Among household appliances made of copper as the main raw material, it costs about 680 yuan to buy wires, 460 yuan to buy bathroom pendants, 550 yuan to buy door locks and handles, and 1200 yuan to buy faucets. These items total about 3000 yuan. If it is now this time to decorate, affected by the rise in copper prices, the above-mentioned home decoration products of the same specification and brand will cost about 3300 yuan





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