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The design of dormitory beds is generally simple and easy to install. Although the dormitory bed is simple and single in style, it can accommodate multiple people. It is very suitable for living in collective dormitories. It is generally in the form of upper and lower bunks, and the price is relatively cheap. It is a simple bed that is more mainstream in school dormitories and some youth travel agencies or apartments. So, what is the size of dormitory bed in general? Have you learned about it? Next, let's follow Xiaobian to understand

dormitory bed size 1

this dormitory bed for college students adopts particleboard substrate and melamine finish high-quality plate, and its surface has the characteristics of wear resistance, scratch resistance, acid and alkali resistance, scald resistance and pollution resistance. The inner layer adopts medium density board, which has good surface flatness, small deformation and strong nail holding force. The formaldehyde emission is small, which meets the E1 level and national standards. The size of this dormitory bed for college students is 1000mm*2000mm

dormitory bed size II

the whole room of this student dormitory bed is white, and the carpet is made of a variety of colors, dotted with this simple dormitory, so that the dormitory is no longer monotonous. The ladder of this dormitory bed is designed in the middle of the whole bed, connected with the guardrail of the bed, and a sponge cushion is designed in the middle of the two beds. There is a small platform on both sides of the bed, so that we can put some simple things. The size of this learning bed is 1200*2100mm

dormitory bed size 3

the design of this student dormitory bed is very simple and fashionable. It usually appears in the dormitory of the school. The whole bed is designed to sleep on top and equipped with a desk below. The computer desk and wardrobe are the whole dormitory furniture, and the light color brings a kind of fashion to the dormitory, showing students' personality. It also provides students with their own independent space in the dormitory. The size of this dormitory bed is 2530*900*2000mm

dormitory bed size 4

the third dormitory bed for college students is designed in a modern and simple style. It uses sky blue as a whole, and the calm blue dances in the air, which can not only calm everyone down quickly, but also bring a bit of style to the space. The shape design of this dormitory bed for college students is relatively simple and classic. It is made of high-quality metal, and its structure is stable and solid. It can have strong load-bearing capacity, so it has a long service life. The size of this university dormitory bed is 1900 * width 900 * height 1800mm

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