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Loans can be applied for not only in banks, but also in current ones. In the past, people used to borrow money from banks, but because the procedures were too strict, let's talk about the differences between decoration companies and banks in decoration loans

first, go to the bank to apply for a decoration loan

if there is no collateral, it is difficult to apply for a bank decoration loan. Usually, the borrower needs to have a good credit record, work in the current unit for more than 6 months, and be able to provide the bank flow for the recent 3-6 months. The requirements for personal qualifications are relatively high

however, when you go to the bank to apply for decoration loans, the loan interest rate is relatively low, and the lending speed is relatively fast. Friends who have requirements on loan costs are suitable to choose banks

second, go to the loan company decoration loan

the unsecured consumer loan of the loan company has slightly lower requirements for personal qualifications, higher application pass rate, and lower requirements for personal monthly income

but relatively, the loan interest rate is higher, and the total cost is higher than that of the bank. The lending speed is fast, and the decoration funds are urgently needed, but the personal qualification is relatively not too high. Friends can choose the loan company to apply for a loan

III. applying for decoration loans, choosing suitable

the decoration loans of banks and loan companies have their own advantages and disadvantages. Generally speaking, if there are mortgages such as houses or cars, it is generally more cost-effective to apply for decoration loans in banks than loan companies. Naturally, banks still have certain requirements for personal credit investigation. When applying for decoration loans, you'd better choose a suitable institution to apply according to your own situation

bank interest rate:

both China Construction Bank and ICBC have decoration loans. What we know better is the decoration loans of ICBC. The interest rate should be the lowest, with an annual interest rate of 3.58% and a maximum repayment period of 5 years. If it is 24 periods (2 years), the interest rate is 7.05%, 36 periods (3 years) 10.43%, 48 periods 13.48% and 60 periods 16.78%. It's quite cost-effective. And there is no need for guarantee. It seems that ICBC's business is entrusted to Xiaowo financial services, an internet financial services company. You can apply for a loan online. But all the procedures are carried out in ICBC




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