Small bay window has great effect. It's easy for a

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Small bay window, great effect | refined craftsman, the whole house is easy to install. Talk about how to install bay window to be practical

small bay window, great effect | how to install bay window is more practical

when the area is small and the demand is large, "floating window" has also become an important standard for people to choose houses. How to install the floating window more practical? How can we do it without a floating window? Today, China's top ten brands of fine wood, craftsman and healthy plate will be explained in simple terms, specifically and truly introduce the classification of the bay window, which is convenient for your decoration reference

I. tatami bay window

1. Low cost

2. It is convenient, simple and practical. There is no need to hire an additional decorator, and there is no need to buy large pieces of furniture

3. With the size of tatami, it can be made into leisure reading area, tea room and guest room respectively

II. Storage bay window

1. There are many kinds, including floor cupboard bay window, integral cupboard bay window, etc

2. Large storage space, which is very suitable for small house expansion

3. "Hidden space" does not affect the existing sense of space

III. bay window

1. Decoration methods are free, and there are no restrictions on places

2. It is generally matched with seats to form dining space, afternoon tea space, etc

3. greatly improve the utilization rate of the whole house and squeeze out a room every minute

IV. decorative bay window

1. Strong sense of picture, improving the warmth of the home

2. You can transform yourself by matching a little green plants and furniture decorations

3. Unlimited style, very versatile





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