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Establish a model of industry priority brands and lead the healthy and orderly development of China's smart door lock industry. In 2017, thousands of smart customers added "top ten smart door lock Brand Awards" and "annual best smart lock product award" brand selection activities for the first time

after months of brand index monitoring, online voting and expert evaluation, the selection results were officially announced at the "18th China International Building Intelligence Summit" held in Guangzhou on December 7, and Yikang intelligent won the "2017 top ten smart door lock brand award"

"China Intelligent Building Brand Award" is set up by thousands of brand laboratories under thousands of Zhike. It is based on the annual brand index, and is generated by comprehensive market research, user feedback and expert evaluation. The award is ranked according to the score

with its linked smart lock and innovative active security system based on artificial intelligence, IOT IOT and other technologies, Yikang intelligent has won the affirmation of judges and users, and has been successfully selected into the "2017 top ten smart lock brand award"

mobile smart lock takes into account the user's needs for security and convenience. While continuously improving the security performance, it further improves the user's door opening experience and enables intelligent security to enter thousands of households

mobile smart lock has touch ID, digital password, mobile phone remote unlocking, door card unlocking and other door opening methods. Through the free combination of passwords, users can choose their own door opening method between safety and convenience

in terms of security, mobile intelligence takes the unique characteristics of fingerprint as personal password, and adopts semiconductor fingerprint technology, which can effectively prevent false fingerprint identification

in addition, as the smart cat eye with real-time recording function is added to the security system, every time you unlock and close the lock, it is under the control of the mobile smart cat eye. You can query at any time by opening your mobile phone, and people come and go at a glance

in terms of convenience, Yikang smart lock solves the problem of "forgotten key syndrome" in life

press your finger, swipe your card, input your fingerprint, and turn on your mobile phone. It only takes 5 seconds to go home without a key and worry

based on the home Internet and Ding Dong app software, the smart lock can also realize the remote unlocking of mobile phones. Combined with the supporting mobile intelligent door control system, it can be linked with smart cat's eye and mobile app, and consumers can easily build a personalized intelligent security system

over the years, based on independent innovation, Yikang intelligent has applied for more than 100 intellectual property rights and has authorized 68 intellectual property rights, including more than 30 domestic patents and 1 PCT international patent

with the innovation and professionalism of products, mobile intelligence is constantly bringing intelligent security technology to families. It combines the Internet of things, artificial intelligence and door locks to open the entrance of intelligent life and provide safer protection for families

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