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Ningbo: aquatic products gift bag is trapped in a strange circle

in recent days, the sales of aquatic products gift bag in Ningbo market has also gradually reached a climax. It is noted that this year, most hotels, restaurants and aquatic products processors in the urban area launched large gift packages, which are very luxurious, with high prices. In addition, there is a situation that "people who eat don't buy, and people who buy don't eat". This is a marketing model that only moon cakes have in the past

it is noted that various aquatic gift bags are placed in eye-catching places such as the lobby, with prices ranging from more than 100 yuan to more than 1000 yuan. Compared with last year, the number of aquatic products merchants this year has increased significantly, and there are no fewer than 40 in the rough. The varieties of aquatic products introduced have also made people dizzy with the addition of this powder: defatted large yellow croaker, crab paste, mud snail, salty crab, eel, pomfret, dried shrimp... According to the price, these aquatic products are "arranged and combined" into different gift packs

"it's not that the gift certificate given by others is about to expire. It's not stupid to pay for it yourself. Will the silicone oil at the oil cup rise Ms. Jin, a citizen, took out an aquatic product gift bag in a hotel. She was very upset when she saw that the gift bag of more than 360 yuan had only two bottles of mud snails and two bottles of red paste crab paste

the hotel staff told the evening news that almost all the people who came to buy big gift bags came with gift certificates, and few people paid for them on the spot. A boss of a home decoration company said that it is very similar to the marketing of moon cakes. The aquatic gift package also relies on large-scale customer group purchase. Some hotels and restaurants also allocate the marketing indicators to various departments. They often encounter door-to-door sales, and the company purchases them mainly as employee benefits and customer gifts

there is a transaction price in several major aquatic products wholesale markets in Ningbo some time ago. It seems that the transaction price is not as high as the aquatic products in the big gift bag: for example, the price of fresh pomfret sticks weighing more than 125g is 11-38 yuan per 500g, the price of fresh eel sticks weighing more than 500g is 8-10.3 yuan, and the price of fresh large yellow croaker sticks weighing more than 200g is 6.5-12 yuan per 500g... Ms. Jin told that taking the common crab paste in the big gift bag as an example, the price generally exceeds the tensile strength of the sample The mechanical properties such as peeling, tearing and tightening have been tested for 100 yuan/bottle, the weight is about 200 grams, and the cost is estimated to be about 60 yuan - the profit of the aquatic gift bag is still considerable

insiders remind the public that when purchasing aquatic products gift bags, they must recognize the commodities with good reputation and famous brands. On the one hand, the quality is guaranteed, and on the other hand, they can complain about problems

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