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Ningbo Asia Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. has developed a new type of anti-counterfeiting material - core dyeing anti-counterfeiting paperboard. It has successfully abandoned other traditional anti-counterfeiting forms with high prices and adopted the latest core dyeing technology to obtain ideal anti-counterfeiting effects at a lower cost

it is reported that for the commodities packed with cardboard which are used to replenish the stock before the festival, consumers can identify the authenticity of the commodities on the outer packaging only by making use of the tearing and polishing properties of the cardboard and according to whether some parts of the cardboard have distinct dye layers. Because there are many kinds of colors, the company can produce a kind of core dyed paperboard for a kind of packaging design, which is monopolized by the company. In this way, the anti-counterfeiting identification function is extended to the inside of the cardboard. Since this year, any external printing technology can not be counterfeited

the paperboard dyed by the core layer not only has a high anti-counterfeiting function, but also has better performance in other aspects, such as light resistance, because the colored slurry layer inside the paperboard greatly reduces the penetration of light. In addition to the thickness of the paperboard itself, its light transmittance will be much lower or even close to zero. It is said that this core dyeing technology can be used for white board, gray board, PC special paper, copper board card, white card and other paper products

the market value of automotive plastics is expected to reach $53billion by 2022

information source: China Food News

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