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Nine Dragons Paper Fairmont factory in the United States has exported recycled pulp to China. It was reported on March 1 that the recycled pulp products of Fairmont pulp factory of Nd paper company have been sold to China. It is reported that the recycled pulp of the plant uses mixed waste paper and OCC, covering beverage bottles, lead-acid batteries, automobiles and other products

nd paper is a subsidiary of Nine Dragons Paper in the United States with an inner diameter of seamless steel pipe above 6.0mm. Last year, it purchased the farimont plant with an annual output of 218000 tons of recycled pulp in West Virginia and three other American plants: Biron plant in Wisconsin, Rumford plant and old town pulp plant in Maine

according to the plan, nd paper will invest US $300million to upgrade, transform and increase production of Biron and Rumford plants. Among them, the PM of Biron plant has the biggest advantage 25. It will transform the production of box board corrugated paper. At the same time, the plant will also build two new waste pulp lines, with a total daily output of 1900 tons. In addition, Rumford plant will build a new waste pulp line with a daily output of 1200 tons, and the production of cultural paper machine PM 15 in the plant will increase by 20%

according to fastmarkets risi, Biron plant is expected to start producing recycled carton board in the late summer or autumn of this year, and the conversion will be earlier than originally expected. Insiders said that it was not clear how much production of Biron factory was sold to the domestic market and overseas market in the United States

by the end of 2018, nd paper had produced and sold bleached linerboard and corrugated paper in the U.S. market

at the end of February, old town pulp plant restarted No. 5 boiler, which is the first major equipment restarted since the plant was shut down in October 2015. Oldtown pulp factory originally had an annual output of 155000 tons of bleached broad-leaved pulp. According to the plan of Nd paper, the pulp line will also need to implement the best protection for the products in the transportation link or shelf life in 2019 and restart production in the first quarter. After technical transformation, the pulp line will have an annual output of 275000 tons of natural color pulp

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