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Nine large photovoltaic enterprises in Germany went bankrupt one after another. Germany 1MW power station was once a treasure land that every photovoltaic person dreamed of. With its generous subsidy policy, Germany has become a recognized leader in the solar energy industry in Europe and even the world. Data show that by the end of 2011, the cumulative installed capacity of solar PV in Germany had reached 25million kW, and solar PV power generation accounted for 2% of its total power consumption

however, such a once largest solar energy market is now facing an uneven road. Affected by the economic and other environment, Germany's solar energy industry is also faced with many difficulties, and the scenery is difficult again

1. The share price of Solon, a German photovoltaic enterprise, plummeted and applied for bankruptcy.

the share price of 2. Wire and cable insulation of Solon se, a German company, fell to an eight year historical low on the Frankfurt exchange. The company will apply for bankruptcy

solon became the leading listed photovoltaic enterprise in Germany in 1998. At present, its share price has dropped by 46% and dropped to 50.2 euro cents. The company said in a statement issued yesterday that the Berlin based company would file for bankruptcy because it failed to reach a "satisfactory solution" with banks and investors

solon has sought to cut costs as soon as possible and extend the € 275million loan for one year

solon's spokesman Sylvia ratzlaff said in the that the bankruptcy administrator, ruediger wienberg of hww wienberg Wilhelm law firm, had arrived at the headquarters in Berlin and held consultations with senior executives of the company

Katharina Cholewa, an analyst at WestLB Ag in Germany, said: "it is assumed that the company's costs will be significantly reduced in 2013 and its sales volume will grow strongly. However, we predict that Solon will not be able to cover its financing costs until 2014."

solon has more than 800 employees in its subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, France and the United States

2. German solar Millennium filed for bankruptcy

solar Millennium became the second German photovoltaic enterprise to file for bankruptcy following Solon, a module manufacturer, because the company could not find suitable partners for large projects in the United States and Spain

3. SUNCONCEPT, a German photovoltaic enterprise, declared bankruptcy

SUNCONCEPT group, a photovoltaic system design, installation and operator, has applied for bankruptcy to the mburg regional court of Germany Li, which will firmly focus on the major strategic needs of the current national industrial structure adjustment, energy conservation and environmental protection, and the pilot project of the top 100 innovative enterprises. Previously, seven subsidiaries of the company had gone bankrupt. A total of 100 employees were affected by bankruptcy

due to the increasing competition in the Far East and the declining subsidies, the company suffered huge losses. It added in its statement that although the management cost structure has been adjusted, unfortunately, the restructuring plan has not been implemented in time, leading to the inevitable bankruptcy application

as of recently, the company has continued to hold close "rescue talks" with several investors, but has not reached an agreement

jens lieser, the lawyer of koblenzer, has been appointed as the provisional liquidator and continues to negotiate. He will attend the meeting to inform SUNCONCEPT of the bankruptcy and the next steps

in the next few weeks, lieser and his team will investigate SUNCONCEPT group and formulate a continuation plan. The overall goal is to maintain the profitability of this PV supplier and avoid layoffs as much as possible

the group said that despite this, the business unit of the company would continue to operate normally "without any restrictions"

in addition, the bankruptcy application will affect 100 employees and their salaries will be guaranteed. The German federal employment agency will pay their salaries from January 2012 to March 2012 through the bankruptcy fund

heuten solar: apply for bankruptcy

Germany scheuten solar applies for bankruptcy. Due to the "serious" oversupply of PV modules, the price fell and the profit narrowed, so scheuten was unable to repay its debt

on February 29, the German Essen district court appointed Steffen Reusch of DNP Depping, a law firm, as the temporary manager of scheuten solar production facilities GmbH, scheuten solar cells GmbH and scheuten solar technology GmbH. Meanwhile, Bernd Depping of the law firm has been appointed as the temporary manager of scheuten solar holding Germany GmbH

scheuten solar announced on its website that in the past 12 to 18 months, there has been a serious surplus of standard photovoltaic modules in the European market, resulting in a drop of more than 50% in module prices. Under such great pressure, the company's profit margin has shrunk significantly

scheuten solar is a subsidiary of international scheuten group, with more than 2000 employees

5. German photovoltaic enterprises ralos new energies AG, ralos projects GmbH, alos solar GmbH applied for bankruptcy

German ralos new energies AG has applied for bankruptcy a few days ago. The PV system supplier and project developer pointed out that the weak financial situation was the main reason for its bankruptcy. The company's ralos projects GmbH and ralos solar GmbH applied for bankruptcy to the Darmstadt District Court on February 29

6. Solarhybrid, a German photovoltaic enterprise, announced its bankruptcy application. On March 21, solarhybrid Ag (SHL), headquartered in brillon, Germany, announced that the company would enter bankruptcy proceedings due to lack of liquidity

this seems to be "coincident" with the prediction of Klaus Dieter maubach, a member of the board of directors of Germany e'on group, who claims that the photovoltaic manufacturing industry will disappear in the next few years

maubach expects this period to be five years. "In five years, German photovoltaic enterprises will not see any workers working," he said, "because these enterprises will eventually go bankrupt."

7. According to foreign media reports, Germany odersun has applied for bankruptcy and found a buyer through the bankruptcy court. Hww wienberg Wilhelm, a law firm, said that it has asked the board of directors to protect the interests of creditors, and has begun to coordinate with the labor market and raise funds in advance to pay employees' salaries

wienberg said: "odersun's new thin film module is a very interesting and potentially marketable product. At present, whether the company can successfully restructure depends on whether it can find an investor." The company admitted that the salaries of its 260 employees had been guaranteed by the bankruptcy fund and would be maintained until the end of May

it is reported that following the failure of negotiations with foreign investors, the chairman of the company is working on the formulation of the restructuring plan. The company said that since its establishment, the company seems to have been unable to obtain sufficient income, so the company will need new capital injection

oedersunag's custom-made BIPV PV modules have won the 2012 if material design award, which is a world recognized symbol of excellent design

it is understood that the appearance of the module is uniform and beautiful, and has the characteristics of easy integration. It is especially suitable for building applications, photovoltaic building integration (BIPV), etc. This component can replace other building elements as a flexible and scalable building material to achieve the beauty and sustainability of the building

8. Germany approved Saiwei to acquire most of Sunways

Saiwei LDK's acquisition of Sunways was approved by the German Federal Cartel Office and the Federal Financial Supervision Authority (Bafin). LDK previously provided silicon wafers for Sunways and produced OEM components for Sunways after 2010. Savills LDK obtained Sunways PV inverter business as part of its revenue

Savills LDK publicly purchased all the outstanding shares of Sunways at the price of 1.9 euros per share in early January 2012, with a total price of about 22million euros. The entire transaction is expected to end in the first quarter of 2012

9. German solar cell giant Q-Cells will apply for bankruptcy protection on the evening of April 2 Beijing time, German Q-Cells se, one of the world's largest solar cell manufacturers, said on Monday that it had abandoned a previously formulated debt restructuring plan and would submit a bankruptcy application to a Dessau Court on Tuesday

the company said that after evaluating other restructuring plans, it concluded that it had no other choice but to apply for bankruptcy

in view of the insolvency judgment of the Frankfurt court against Pfleiderer, a German wood board processor, Q-Cells decided to seek other ways to restructure its debt

last week, Q-Cells announced that it would abandon a debt to equity swap plan previously formulated because a court's judgment in a similar case convinced it that the risk of a successful legal challenge was too great

the German Frankfurt court recently rejected a debt to equity swap plan submitted by Pfleiderer, a German wood planking manufacturer, and similar plans previously formulated by Q-Cells will also be examined and approved by the court

q-cells is one of the largest solar cell manufacturers in the world, but its operation has been in trouble due to the impact of falling product prices and other issues

in 2011, the company suffered a loss of 846million euros (about 1.1 billion dollars) and a revenue of 1.02 billion euros

as for the bankruptcy filing of former giants, some analysts said that Q-Cells is by no means the last German solar PV enterprise to fall. Is the German solar PV industry facing a reshuffle

the company's share price was suspended for a time on Wednesday, down 9.3%. The announcement of this news made photovoltaic stocks including Solarworld and Q-Cells even worse

solar Millennium said that since September this year, the company has discussed the sales of the preparatory projects in the United States in advance

the company said that up to now, the specific amount and time of cash flow could not be confirmed. In addition, the signing of ibersol project in Spain with investors is under intense negotiation, and no agreement has been reached at present

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