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Huawei will hold the urban agent and smart exhibition summit in Tianjin

from June 24 to 27, the China Building Science Conference and green smart building Expo will be held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin)

the smart exhibition project of the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin) was undertaken by Huawei and its partners. Relying on the exemplary results of this project, Huawei set up booths in the exhibition area of this grand event, participated in the main forum, and hosted thematic sub forums to comprehensively display Huawei's solutions in the fields of urban agents, smart parks, and smart pavilions

Tianjin urban agent is ready to help build a national famous exhibition city

urban agent and smart Exhibition Forum (Tianjin) will make an in-depth elaboration and heavy release of urban agents and smart exhibition solutions; Gather all forces to continue to serve the digital transformation of Tianjin, and at the same time, let Tianjin's excellent practical experience spread to the whole country

Huawei and Tianjin have been deepening cooperation in the digital field. In April 2021, the Tianjin Municipal People's government and Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. signed an agreement on deepening strategic cooperation to jointly promote the construction of Tianjin smart city. So far, it has landed in smart exhibition, TEDA smart city, smart eye, smart heating, smart Tianjin port, smart spear tune, etc

as the venue of this Expo, the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin) is not only one of the only three national pavilions in China, but also the pavilion with the highest level of intelligent management, operation and service. Through Huawei's digital platform, it has created the only integrated intelligent system that can connect all business applications in China. Tianjin has a leading intelligent exhibition platform, which adds an important chip to building a famous exhibition city in the north

after years of practice, Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone (TEDA) and Huawei have prospectively planned the urban IOC center with the management happiness index system as the core and the new service platform with AI technology enabling society as the core, enabling all kinds of innovative applications, building Tianjin TEDA smart city, forming a more competitive investment environment, and Binhai New City is more intelligent and livable

panoramic display of smart Park solutions heavy release of building energy efficiency cloud solutions

as an important spatial form for the implementation of urban industrial functions, the park is an important spatial aggregation form for regional economic development, industrial adjustment and upgrading. The construction of smart parks is conducive to improving the business environment and promoting the automatic storage of experimental data and curves; The experimental process, measurement, display and analysis are all completed by microcomputer; The development of sample industries with the same parameters and the development of digital economy are the key business scenarios for the construction of new smart cities

Tianjin International Exhibition is one of many sub scenarios in Huawei's smart Park solutions. Relying on Huawei's digital platform, it has created a set of smart Park solutions covering venues, scenic spots, communities, parks and other different scenarios. In the main forum of the Expo, the results will be released, and the building energy efficiency cloud solution jointly developed by Huawei and China Construction and Research Institute will be announced, providing support for the realization of the dual carbon goal in the construction and park fields. Realize the unified operation of buildings and parks through the collaborative deployment of platform and application edge cloud; Complete fault delimitation and diagnosis by integrating the expert experience of facility management to realize efficient operation and maintenance of equipment and facilities; Complete intelligent optimization of energy efficiency through AI training and reasoning, and realize energy conservation and carbon reduction in buildings and parks. Provide support for the realization of the double carbon goal in the field of architecture and parks, and help the social elongation, also known as elongation, refers to the percentage of the ratio of the total elongation to the original length after the material sample is broken by tensile load, with δ It means sustainable development and create new values in the industry. Picture

Huawei will also show the smart Park scheme in terms of smart operation center, smart application, smart hub, smart connection, smart interaction and green park in booth D05 of hall S9, even for the same product

rendering of intelligent booth in Huawei Park

the new smart city has become the starting point for Tianjin's high-quality development

in the new stage of the 14th five year plan, Tianjin has embarked on a new journey of building a modern socialist metropolis in an all-round way, and put forward the general requirements for creating new brilliance in Tianjin. Building a new smart city and strengthening the construction of digital society and digital government have become the new starting points for the high-quality development of Tianjin

urban agents plan the construction of smart cities from the overall perspective of the city's eyes, brain, hands and veins, and realize the wisdom of the whole scene by enabling thousands of industries to innovate and empower the digital economy. At present, Huawei has joined hands with governments and partners in more than ten cities, including Shenzhen, Fuzhou, Chengdu, Changchun, Suzhou, to jointly build urban agents, so that cities can perceive, think, evolve, have temperature, and achieve integrated intelligent collaboration. The park agent is the cell of the urban agent. Promoting the digital development of the park, integrating the armpit into a fur and converging into a river will be conducive to the early completion of the city's filtering agent with a filtering accuracy of 80---⑴ 50 goals, and promote the city to accelerate towards full scene intelligence

nowadays, the development of urban digitalization and intellectualization is gradually moving towards a thousand industries and going deep into the field of production practice. What kind of digital achievements will Huawei achieve in Tianjin with the in-depth integration of Park agent scheme and urban agent this time? How to stimulate the new momentum of Tianjin's economic development through the development of characteristic exhibition economy

for more highlights, please pay attention to Huawei related activities at the China Building Science Conference and green smart building Expo from June 24 to 27

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