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Huawei will host the first global ultra wideband Summit Forum in September

the first global ultra wideband forum hosted by Huawei and co organized by the United Nations broadband Commission. Are they more flexible than silicon chips? What is the best catalyst for special chemical reactions? Or how to coat the surface to achieve the best thermal protection? The broadband Summit Forum will be grandly held in London, UK, from September 24 to 25. The theme of this conference is dream broadband, band together. The guests will discuss in depth the trends and challenges faced by the development of UWB, bandwidth management and fixed migration collaboration, industrial cooperation and innovation, industrial environment construction and other hot topics of common concern in the industry, with a view to building a win-win UWB industrial ecosystem, Let the sky of dreams be wider, and let the heart be closer to the heart

the global ultra wideband Summit Forum is a platform for industry leaders to exchange ideas. This forum brings together more than 100 high-end people in the industry, including international academic research institutions, government departments, top operators in the world, CEOs, CMOS, CTOs and CIOs of well-known Ott and industrial chains, to exchange innovative ideas, share successful experiences, and explore the sustainable development model of the industry. Representatives of the United Nations broadband Commission, the British Ministry of culture and digital economy, the Singapore information and communication development authority, Swiss Telecom, telecom Spain, Telecom Italia, talktalk, Vodafone, Alibaba, IDC and other industry chains will attend the meeting and deliver speeches

Ding Yun, President of Huawei products and solutions, will deliver the opening speech "dream broadband. Band together" at the conference at the end of his use, actively guiding the topics of the forum, and committed to letting the guests pay attention to UWB and jointly promoting the positive cycle development of UWB

at present, the new generation of network-based applications such as streaming video, Internet 4K TV, education, cloud office, medical treatment, cloud games, multi screen interaction, etc., need to operate smoothly under the scenario of large bandwidth, while the traditional broadband has become increasingly overburdened. The hypertext 9 broadband proposed against this background will lay a good foundation for the further development of various interconnected applications. What will the broadband world be like in the future? Let's follow the technicians of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. and take a look at the working environment of the spring fatigue tester and the normal protection of the equipment: let's wait and see

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