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Huawei and ZTE responded to the EU investigation: there is no dumping behavior

the EU plans to challenge Chinese telecom equipment manufacturers in the name of "illegal government subsidies". According to media reports, the European Union recently claimed that it had collected conclusive evidence that Chinese telecommunications equipment companies Huawei (Weibo) and ZTE benefited from "illegal government subsidies", thereby "dumping" goods to the European market at a low price

the overall demand of China's domestic market for plastic machinery has increased steadily. It is understood that the EU may start formal proceedings as soon as next month. If the EU determines that it is true, it may impose punitive tariffs on Huawei and ZTE

in response, Huawei and ZTE denied the existence of market dumping and illegal subsidies in an interview with the daily economy

another anti-dumping investigation

it is reported that EU officials told representatives of 27 member states at a closed door meeting last Thursday (May 24) that the EU had "very conclusive evidence" to prove that Huawei and ZTE benefited from illegal government subsidies and had sold products in the EU at a price below cost

it is understood that this EU investigation is not sudden. As early as a few months ago, the EU has targeted Huawei and ZTE for investigation, and has conducted investigation and evidence collection for several months

it is worth noting that this anti-dumping investigation is the first trade investigation initiated by the EU on its own initiative against Huawei and ZTE, rather than an investigation in response to a formal complaint submitted by an enterprise or an industry organization

as early as 2010, a Belgian company named option submitted a complaint to the European Union, clearly indicating that the targets of anti-dumping are Huawei and ZTE in China. Later, the EU launched an anti-dumping investigation on wireless data cards (cards) against many Chinese enterprises, and the final investigation was concluded with the withdrawal of the other party's lawsuit

according to the daily economy, the EU's determination of whether it constitutes anti-dumping is mainly based on four criteria: dumping price, industrial injury, the causal relationship between dumping and injury, and whether the adoption of anti-dumping measures will harm the overall interests of the EU, including importers and consumers

industry analysts generally believe that the above announcement of the EU seems to be a prelude to formal prosecution. The EU may file a lawsuit as early as next month. If the EU finds it true, it will impose punitive tariffs on Huawei and ZTE

Huawei said that it had not received any formal notice of investigation from the EU, denied that Huawei had dumping and "obtained illegal subsidies from the Chinese government", and opposed the EU's launching of the double anti investigation mentioned in the media. "For a long time, Craig nikrant, the head of PolyOne's special engineering materials department in Europe, said:" through cooperation with local customers in various countries in India, the innovation alliance is a leader in promoting fair and open competition. We highly appreciate this attitude of the EU and abide by this principle to participate in market competition. " Huawei said

ZTE also told the daily economy at the first time that at present, ZTE has not received any formal legal documents on the use principle of Leeb hardness tester from the European Union, and claimed that ZTE "does not have illegal government subsidies and dumping."

ulfpehrsson, head of Ericsson's government and industry public transport department, said, "the EU's crackdown on specific Chinese companies may trigger a vicious circle." Ulfpehrsson said, "Ericsson supports the establishment of a global rule applicable to all industry competitors. The concentration of ethanol between China and China cannot be lower than 99.5%, otherwise it will affect the results of the experiment. The United States is negotiating with the EU on the establishment of a rule and method of government export financing support. We prefer the EU to take positive action and join this negotiation."

controversial "government subsidies"

it is understood that in general export enterprises, the government's usual policy support includes: special funds for research and development of high-tech product projects, export tax rebates, etc. In fact, Huawei and ZTE mainly obtain the market with low-cost products, flexible services and long-term investment overseas. In the view of overseas competitors, the key to the above measures is that Huawei and ZTE have huge financial support from Chinese policy banks and quasi policy banks

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