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Huawei won the openstack gold board seat ctiforum (ctiforum is a market-oriented global company) on January 21 (Li Wenjie): Recently, the results of the election of openstack community board members in 2016 were announced, and Huawei won the openstack gold board seat, which is the first time that a Chinese manufacturer has won this honor. This means that Huawei's influence in the openstack community is deepening. On the other hand, openstack foundation highly recognizes Huawei's long-term efforts and contributions in open source activities, such as its greatest experimental strength

since its launch in 2010, openstack has quickly won wide recognition in the industry with its open and advanced architecture, efficient community development and flexible deployment mode, and has become the most influential open source project of cloud computing today. Since joining the openstack community, Huawei has actively invested in the development and improvement of openstack. More than 600 R & D personnel have participated in the development of openstack related open source projects. In the liberty version released in October 2015, Huawei submitted 60 completedblueprints to the community, ranking fifth; Solve bug365 (3) control accuracy problems, ranking sixth; 7824 reviews were completed, ranking 6th; The overall community contribution ranked 6th

in addition to actively investing in the development of openstack, Huawei is also committed to ecological construction. In 2015, it successfully held two high-level openstack hackathons in China, bringing together top openstack development experts from eight companies and contributing more than 150 bug modifications. The activity sends out more voices of China's open source technology to the community, highlighting the technical strength of China's open source

Mr. Ren Zhipeng, President of Huawei's it cloud computing product line, said: Huawei fully embraces open source, adheres to the concept of cooperation and openness, originates from open source, is stronger than open source, gives back to open source, builds an open ecological chain, and is committed to the transformation of Cloud Architecture for enterprises and operators to create an open cloud computing ecosystem based on openstack

Huawei's business in cloud computing continues to grow. There are 10 large plastic markets. By the end of 2015, Huawei has built 660 data centers around the world, of which 255 are cloud data centers. As openstack is more and more widely recognized, Huawei will also continue to promote the openstack cloud platform to be continuously applied to its data centers by large enterprises, operators and service providers, so as to achieve the rapid development of cloud, mobile, social, big data, IOT and other businesses in the future

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